Monday, April 13, 2015

POLOTOY: Battle of the Ancients

Polotoy made all of these figures, but they were distributed under several names including Schylling and Markson Industries.  Most of these figures are based on old lead D&D figures and figures from D&D's Dragon Strike game.

Polotoy has the most color variations of any fantasy toy soldier line.


These skeletons only came in bagged sets from Schylling.



The figures on the left if from TSR's Dragon Strike board game.  The Polotoy copy is on the right.

Polotoy up sized the Dragon Strike dragon.
This figure only came in the Knights & Weapons boxed playset.

Original TSR Dragon Strike figures.

Polotoy made skeleton horses but no riders.

Dragon in blue.

This skull version of the tower only came in the schilling bagged sets.


  1. Some of the best plastic fantasy figures, in my opinion. I love seeing the packaged examples you have here. I remember finding (and buying) the boxed set with the scorpion man at an Amazing Savings discount store many years ago.

  2. I have a whole unit of Scorpion men in the army, And the cat men are to be added soon but the rest are sub par.The Russian Tehnlog figures have changed my army for the better and the Cheap yellow Skeleton army have really changed things. See my web page" Kent and Kenmore Gamers" for details.

  3. Sorry to comment on an old post, but I followed a link here from Frank K's Little Weirdos blog and just wanted to point out (if you weren't already aware) that the non-skull towers, catapults, ballistae and castle blocks in those packs were copied from the Crossbows and Catapults game (which I got as a kid back in the 80's).

    1. Very True. The figures are also copies of lead miniatures. Everthing in these sets is a copy of something.