Loose Figures For Sale!

Welcome to my "Loose Figures For Sale" pages!  I am offering extras from my collection for reasonable collector prices.     

How to buy:  Look through the pictures below and if you find something you like send me an email at fantasytoysoldiers@gmail.com.  I have put a number or name in the caption or description of each picture you can use to avoid any confusion.   I will check to make sure that what you want is still available and give you a shipping quote.   You can select priority mail or first class mail (it the weitht is under a pound) to save a few bucks.   I will send you a grand total.  

Note for Internatal Buyers: I do not know custom laws or charges and cannot estimate those costs for you.  I will box up your order and actually take it to the post office to confirm the best shipping rates and options.  That may take a few days.  The USPS will not let me ship to Russia or Ukraine until further notice.  

How to Pay:Payment can be sent via paypal (I will give you an email to use after we close a deal) or by check or money order.  I will hold shipment on payments by check until they clear.
My prices on individual lots and figures are firm, but if you are interested in a large number of lots or figures we can talk about a deal.

All of the figures, playsets and other items  I am offering are in good condition with no hidden damage and will be outstanding additions to any collection.  Money back guaranty.

Click on pictures to enlarge. 

Imperial Monsters

Imp 1  $20

Imp 2 $20


Polo 3 $10

Polo 5 $10

Polo 7 $15

Polo 8 $15

Polo 9 $15

Polo 11 $15

Polo 12 $15

Polo 13 $15

Polo 14 $15

Polo 15 $15

Polo 16 $15

Polo 17 $15

Polo 18 $15

Polo 23 $25

Polo 24 $90

DFC Orignal Hong Kong Production


5 mint dark brown dragonriders $8.  DFC2

3 rare color variation dragonriders $10.  DFC3

Color matched set of titans $4.  DFC5

Individual Figures:

Brown dragonrider $1.50.   DFC11

Rare light brown dragonrider $2.  DFC12

Naga with ears and no face $5.  DFC15

Naga with ears and no face $5.  DFC16

Naga with ears and no face $5.  DFC17

Light blue wizard $1.  DFC18

HTF Aqua blue wizard $1.75.  DFC19

Black wizard $1.50. DFC22

Flat red demon $1.  DFC28

This archer is not marked DFC and only has Hong Kong stamped on his base.
Very rare variation $3.  DFC30

Rare brown knights:

4 brown knights $50.  DFC31 Only one left!

$15.  DFC32 Only one left!

$15. DFC33 Only one left!

$15. DFC34 Only one left!

$15.  DFC35  Only one left!

DFC/PRC Later China Production

Party favor packaging: These all came from the party favor blister cards.  The color mix is unique to the party favors.  Some very rare colors.  The blister card pictured is just for reference and is not for sale.

$14.  PRC1

$5.  PRC2

$3.  PRC3

$3.  PRC4

$5.  PRC5

$3.  PRC6

PRC demon stamped "China" on base $1.50.  PRC7

PRC demon stamped "China" on base $1.50.  PRC8

Very rare black night  $7.50.  PRC9
Very rare black night  $7.50.  PRC10

Very rare black night  $9.  PRC11

Very rare black night  $9.  PRC12

Rare bright orange plastic demon $7.  PRC13

Rare bright orange plastic demon $7.  PRC14

Rare bright orange plastic demon $7.  PRC15

Other PRC figures:

Light blue wizard with modified wand $2.  PRC20

Teal titan with modified mace $3. PRC21

Pumpkin orange hard rubber dragonrider $3.50,  PRC22

Not marked "PRC" but "Hong Kong" mark removed from base $2.50. PRC23

Light blue soft rubber knights $7.50.  /PRC24

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC26

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC7

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC28

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC29

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC30

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC31

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC32

Light blue soft rubber knight $3.  PRC33

Fleetwood Sword Sorcerer

SS 1 $25

SS 2 $10

SS 3 $10

SS 4 $10

SS 5 $10

SS 6 $12

SS 7 $12

SS 7 $12

SS 7 $12

SS 9 $12

SS 10 $10

SS11 $10

SS 12 $12

SS 13 $15

SS 13

SS 13

SS 14 $15

SS 14

Timmee/PPC Fantasy Figures / Superheroes

Mixed color set $22.  Timmee1

Individual figures $4 each.  Timmee2

Gen 1 $4 each.  Timmee3


$5.  Toyco2

$5.  Toyco3

$5.  Toyco5

$3  Toyco6

$3  Toyco7

Helm Toy

HELM 1 $10

HELM 2 $10

HELM 3  $10

HELM 4  $8

HELM 5  $8

HELM 6  $8

Original Marty Toy

3 lizard alien warriors $8. MT3

$5.  MT4

ARCO Dragons n' Monsters

Original ARCO figures:

Toys n' Things figures:

Toys n' Things $5. TNT3

Toys n' Things $5. TNT4

Toys n' Things $5. TNT5

Misc Figures

Superior Dragon's Lair Playset Minotaur $25. M1

C.H. Muscle Warrior $10.  M2

Burger King Gargoyle $10.  M3


Soft plastic green orcs $15.  Teh1

Tehnolog mixed lot.  $12.  Teh2

Rare old Tehnolog 60nn Skeletons $25.  Teh4


$20.  OT1

$17.  OT2

$15.00  OT3

$15.00  OT4

$100 OTSpecial

$35.  OT5

$25.  OT6

$35, OT9

$50.  OT11

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