Sci Fi Stuff for Sale!

 Welcome to my "Sci Fi Stuff for Sale" page!  I am offering extras from my collection for reasonable collector prices.     

How to buy:  Look through the pictures below and if you find something you like send me an email at  I have put a number or name in the caption or description of each picture you can use to avoid any confusion.   I will check to make sure that what you want is still available and give you a shipping quote.   You can select priority mail or first class mail (it the weitht is under a pound) to save a few bucks.   I will send you a grand total.  

Note for Internatal Buyers: I do not know custom laws or charges and cannot estimate those costs for you.  I will box up your order and actually take it to the post office to confirm the best shipping rates and options.  That may take a few days.  The USPS will not let me ship to Russia or Ukraine until further notice.  

How to Pay:Payment can be sent via paypal (I will give you an email to use after we close a deal) or by check or money order.  I will hold shipment on payments by check until they clear.
All of the figures, playsets and other items  I am offering are in good condition with no hidden damage and will be outstanding additions to any collection.  Money back guaranty.

Click on pictures to enlarge. 

1.    Dougram 1/144 ($50.00 + shipping)

2.    Atlantic Aliens and Spacemen ($110 + shipping)

3.    Imperial Space Warriors and Aliens ($45 + shipping)

4.    Tron Troopers ($45 + shipping)

4.    ARCO Rogun Robots ($45 + shipping)

6.    Arco Spacemen LP Copies ($35 + shipping)

7.    MPC Spacemen

$20 + shipping

$25 + shipping

$30 + shipping

$25 + shipping

8.    Britains Space / Star System

$25 + shipping

+ shipping

9.    Computer Warriors ($30  each + shipping)

10.    ARCO Battling Bugs ($45 
+ shipping)

11.    Air Raiders ($35 for the pair 
+ shipping)

12.    x-Terminators Battle Bug ($75 
+ shipping)


14.    Battle Builders

$30  + shipping

$35 Each + shipping

15.    Doom Game complete ($50 
+ shipping)

16.    Timme Galaxy Laser Team Bag ($35 
+ shipping)

17.    Terminator Salvation Mini Figures

Set of 4 $40 + shipping)

Set of 2 

19.    Bootleg Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider ($20 
+ shipping)

22.    Trendmasters Rumble Wars Both Sides ($40 
+ shipping)

$25 Each,

23.    Action Masters

Star Wars Singles $5 + shipping

$10 each

Mail Away C-3PO ($20 
+ shipping)




24.    Treehouse Aliens Swarm Pack

Unopened $25 + shipping

$20 Each + shipping

25.    Joyride HALO Mini Figures

26.    McFarlane HALO Heroic Series 

$25 Each + shipping



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