Here is what I am looking to get in trade.  At least, this is what I know of.  There is still plenty of good stuff out in the world that I don't know anything about.  If you have something to trade that looks like it belongs on this site (even some color variations), but isn't, I'm probably interested even if you don't see it on my want list.  I have organized this list mostly by manufacturer.

ARCO/LARGO Stingers & Wings:

Any figures and any packaged figures.

ARCO Dragons & Monsters:

 Cyclops, birdman & Brawn Hulk in bright red.

DFC Dragonriders:

I am looking for any PRC color variations that I don't have.  The ones I know of include the orange rubber demons with ball & chain, and the hot pink rubber demon scimitar.  I'm sure there are plenty of colors I have never seen as well.  Looking for gray demons as well.

Also looking for an early dfc fantasy villains bag from when the nagas still had their faces, any skyway kids bags, and any other odd packaging including party favor packages.


I need the green one headed version of the dragon.


This figure:


I need a loose Hing Fat version of the Terrible Monsters spooky tree.  It has a green paint job as opposed to the Fishel multi-color paint job.  


I assume there is a card for the demons like the one for the golden heroes I have in the post.  I have also been told there is a bagged version of the demons and maybe the heroes put out by Agglo.  I would also like more of the colored bootlegs from Mexico.


I need the Castle Tower Mini Playset.


I need the mini Mercion on card.


And this (loose or packaged):


  1. Saw you had both the green and red Tricephalon-A buddy of mine had the original Godzilla set as a kid but lost it due to moving as a kid. I managed to get him a Godzilla figure but no luck on the other one. I know you only trade figures for figures but most the stuff I have is miscellaneous action figures mostly 3 3/4 a few 6 inch and a lot of die-casts; if none of this to your interest maybe we can settle on a monetary amount, like I said not for me but for a good friend that could use a good pick me up

    1. I am really only looking for the stuff on my want list, but best of luck.

  2. Hi Shaun,

    I have a bunch of the Black Cauldron figs including a red version of the Horned King. If you want him I can send him over. Is there an email address you use?


  3. Yes, send email about trades to fantasytoysoldiers@gmail.com Thanks.

  4. I tried this address twice and it bounced. Why don't you email me at: studio@diterlizzi.com ?

  5. Hi- I'm looking for a copy of the book "Hoarding the Hordes of Darkness". Has anybody got one for sale??? Rich

    1. Rich,

      I don't have any copies left to sell, but I can take the copy I kept for myself to Kinko's or some place that will duplicate it for me. When I looked into the cost of doing that back when I was selling the book it was going to be around $23 per copy, which is why I printed them myself and used the binding machine a work. I can't print them out any longer as the files are old and corrupted, but I can see what I would cost to make you a copy if you like. LMK.

  6. Hola, yo soy tecnico en Efectos Especiales de cine ademas de Coleccionista, quisiera ofrecerte mis servicios a cambio de 1 de cada 1 de las miniaturas o sets que tienes para intercambio ver:http://gundar-kerr.blogspot.com.ar/2015/10/algunos-trabajos-de-fx-de-estos-ultimos.html, http://la-revancha-de-gundar.blogspot.com.ar/ , http://la-revancha-de-gundar.blogspot.com.ar/2015/11/algunas-artesanias-para-juegos-de.html, http://la-revancha-de-gundar.blogspot.com.ar/p/para-poder-armarlo-completamente-se.html, etc etc. puedo hacer MATRICES Y COPIAS DE MUÑECOS FALTANTES, o bien FABRICAR VEHÍCULOS, ESCENARIOS, CASTILLOS, FORTALEZAS, LABERINTOS, BARCOS, NAVES ESPACIALES, TABLEROS DE ROL, etc todo en Resina o Epoxy. Saludos

    1. I'm not sure what you are offering. Why don't you send me an email at fantasytoysoldiers@gmail.com and we can discuss.

  7. Howdy,

    I was surprised to see that you don't have the Merton/Starlux or Del Prado Centaurs on your page; but I love those custom Timpo ones. I see several things on your trade list I am interested in but don't have what you're looking for...sorry.

  8. Thanks for your blog....a lot of the items here bring back lots of great memories. I might have some of the items you as far as the dfc Mayas and villans.

  9. Replies
    1. I am looking for the sealed header bag with full face nagas. Got any of those?

  10. No sir...full faced but not in bag...sorry. Purchased in the 80's to play with and never thought about collecting. But you can have them and the other villains if you want them...just want them to go to someone who would enjoy them. I will even pay the shipping. They are all in pretty good shape and could plus up your armies. Many are in better shape then some of your current soldiers....but..probably do not have the emotional connection though since I enjoyed first.

  11. There must be something I have that you want for the yellow Black Cauldron Horned King and a rust monster. I have collected fantasy figures just like you have for many years. unfortunately I don't seem to have anything on your want list. I don't really know what the rarity or value is of the Black Cauldron figure so am stymied on proposing any fair trades for similar figures...
    The rust monsters are everywhere from free to 15 bucks and common as dirt, just so happens the one I have has a broken tail so I wanted a replacement. Now the bugbear on the other hand...I see that tony D. of D&D art fame has already contacted you so you must know all about it's rarity and escalating value, don't have any extras of that do you? If you can give some idea of the black cauldron figures rarity and estimated worth i could probably email you some offers. Seems it was a cereal premium which would make it common but didn't seem to be in the U.S> which makes even common things hard to acquire.

    1. Send me some pictures of what you can offer in trade and we will see.

  12. Are you still in need of the bright red Cyclops figure from Arco Dragon & Monsters?
    I am interested in your extra Obelisk the Tormentor (battle pose) yugioh figure and am willing to give the difference in a monetary value alongside the figure.

  13. Talk to me about dragonriders colors? I have a huge collection with lots of oddball colors

  14. Hi there, is this the best place to contact for potential exchanges? Kind regards SJW




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