Saturday, October 15, 2016

ORITET: Russian fantasy & post-apocalyptic figures

Oritet of St. Petersburg Russia made these super cool figure sets in the early 2000s.  Most are fantasy figures, but they also made a set of post apocalyptic amazons and some cavemen and ninjas.  The figures range from around 50mm (some only because of hats and weapons) to 65mm.  They are a unique thick style that separates them from Tehnolog the other Russian fantasy toy soldier maker.

I have learned recently that some of the Oritet molds were acquired by a company called Biplant, which is producing some of the figures (the Dwarves at least) in soft rubber.  All of my information comes from a Russian dealer I have bought from on ebay. Here is what he was able to share with me: 

"After the death of the Oritet owner, his wife took over the business, but she did not have a lot of ideas and the production has slipped to release kid shovels and boats, and then gradually closed. Unfortunately it is not known, but there are rumors that Biplant either bought, or stole unneeded Oritet molds.  Somehow, it remained incomplete from, and only 4 of 8 soldiers.  May be forms were sawed, partially destroyed or corroded. The quality of the case certainly is worse and the material is very soft - best for child's play."

UPDATE 10/15/2016: I found a set of Oritet Pegasus and Unicorn Pegasus that I did not know existed.  They are about the same size as the Griffins, but these figures do not seem to have riders.  These must be very rare. I hope there are more obscure sets from Oritet that I might find someday.

Biplant Dwarves.

Biplant header card.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

AAA LTD: Mythology Figures

I have not found much information about AAA Ltd., but they seem to have specialized in high quality animal toys that were mostly sold in museum and zoo gift shops.  I have not found any information about this set of mythology figures, but my guess would be that they came in a tube.  There seem to be 9 figures, but I don't know for certain that have a complete set. These figures are made of a soft rubber like material and fit in well with tube figures like the Groovy Tubes, Safari & Plastoy tubes. The giant is the largest figure at about 55mm.

Is it just me or are these guys hula dancing?