Saturday, December 28, 2019

TIMMEE/PPC: Fantasy Figures

UPDATE 12/28/19:  Master set pictures.

Timmee, later Processed Plastics Corp, gave up its license to make marvel comic figures and remolded them into 70mm fantasy figures.  You can still tell which hero or villain most of these were originally.  These started showing up in header bags in the early 1980s.  Some of the coolest figures ever made.

There are three generations of bags, two vintage and one modern. The first generation are glow in the dark figures in bright green, orange, blue and white.  The second generation are in pastel green, purple and yellow.  The modern figures are pea green, gray, brown, black and red.  The modern Timmee could drop more new colors anytime.  

(original post 1/3/15)

Master Set  (so far)

Gen 1

Gen 2

Gen 3

Gen 3,2,1.  The new green is very close to the gen 2 green.  

Hulk is not just a caveman, he is a saber-toothed caveman.

Gen 2 bag.

Modern bag.

Alternate modern bag.

More Master Set Pictures

Saturday, December 21, 2019

More fun stuff from Russia

Russia just keeps on turning out new figures.  I don't know who made any of these.

Tehnolog Bootleg Skeletons. (soft rubber)

My source tells me these are very hard to find even in Russia.

Martial Arts figures.

Russian 30mm Hobbits.

Russian 30mm Goblins.  From the same company that makes to no name orcs and wolf riders.