Saturday, November 16, 2019

1980s Rubber Warrior Eraser

I finally have some solid information about this 1980s rubber fantasty warrior thanks to friend of the blog Daton and a recent ebay find.  I have him in my Misc Unpainted Figures post but it is time to take a little deeper look.  He came in a box of loose figures called Warrior Scented Erasers that is very similar to the CH Muscle Warriors box.  If they are actually warrior scented I assume that means they smells like sweat, blood and dirty a$$.  

He also came in a carded Ja Ru rack toy called Power Queen Dragon Guard which is very similar to Ja Ru's Hercules Hero of Strength line.   Then there are the Dragon Master Puffy Stickers sets which seem to show him in multiple stickers.  I would love to find out if there are more Dragon Master figures or products (maybe a game or a failed cartoon).  

I only own the first picture. The other pictures will be removed if requested by their owners.

Photo from imgur. 

Photo from an ebay auction.

Photo from an ebay auction.

Photo from imgur.

Photo from imgur.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

SCS DIRECT: Fantasy Creatures & Robots

UPDATE 11/10/2019:  Four new poses have been added to the Fantasy Creatures set; a knight; a minotaur; a griffin and a snake woman.

The new sets from SCS Direct are finally available on Amazon . . . only about two years later than expected.  They are only available on Amazon so far. I do not even see them on SCS's own website yet.  

These are nice sets of figures.  In addition to the "Fantasy Creatures" and "Robots" labels, they each have a decal identifying them as "Wicked Duals."  The figures are a bit smaller than SCS's zombie and monster sets. I like all of the Fantasy Creatures except for the pixie.  There was no need for a pixie.  I was hoping for a lizardman in this set, but no, we get a pixie.  The Robots score very high on the weird scale, and I like that.  I just wish they came in more, or better, colors.  

Fantasy Creatures

New poses added in 2019,


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Twenty Hardest to Complete Fantasy Toy Soldier Sets.

I started to specialize my toy soldier collection in fantasy around twenty years ago when I realized just how many figures and sets are available.  Nobody else I knew of was collecting this stuff.  When I really got into it, I started having a blast finding and learning about a whole category of toy soldiers that other, and much older and knowledgeable, collectors were ignoring.  It has been my pleasure to share what I have learned through this blog.  

Some fantasy toy soldiers are much harder to find than others and some sets are very difficult to complete.  Their are fairly common sets with just one or a few super rare figures that make them hard to complete, and other sets are all very rare.  Below is my best guess at the twenty rarest. I have tried to add pictures of individual figures that make certain sets hard to complete.   These are all complete sets of original figures, no bootlegs and no worries about color variations, just the base figure sets.  These were all commercially  produced  and mass marketed.  There are no custom figures like the insanely rare sets made by the Alliance of the Free on this list.

My list is based on twenty years of experience collecting and conversations with other collectors since I started this blog. That is all I have to go on.  So, the rankings are debatable.  I have looked for solid information without any success. I even summoned Cthulhu last Christmas and offered up my brother's soul but he did not have any useful insights.  

20.  Toyco Demons & Dragonriders.

19.  Arco Dragons n' Monsters.

18. Durham Fantasy Figures.

17.  Unknown 1980s Soft Rubber Weirdness.

16.  Skinner The Lurkers.

15. Supreme Dragon's Lair Castle Playset Figures.

14. Simba The Legend of Zortan.

13.  Percy Jackson Movie Figures.

12.  HEI Vampires.

11.  Larime Blacktar.


10.  Galaxy Warriors.

9.  Unknown Ant Warriors.

8. Games Work Shop Fighting Fantasy. 

7. Oritet Elves, Dwarves, Goblins & Fairy Tail Characters.

6.  Unknown Vending/Party Favor Rubber Orcs.

5.  Polotoy Battle of the Ancients (and other titles).

4. TSR Dungeons & Dragons Character Figures.

3. Helm Toy Playset Figures.

2. Yolanda?  Horrors n' Heroes.

1.  LarGo Toys Stingers & Wings.