Thursday, July 19, 2018


I have been looking for this guy for more than a decade. He showed up on ebay in an otherwise average lot last week.  I was all set for a sick bidding war but I tuned out to be the only bidder.  Lucky day!

Based on the other figures in the lot, I would guess that he is original Hong Kong production (as opposed to the PRC marked figures made in mainland China.)   Like the brown knights, he would be one of just a very few rare color variations to come from Hong Kong.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

SEARS Catalog Version Dragonriders of the Styx Playset.

I can post pictures of this very rare catalog Dragonriders of the Styx playset thanks to David Pietila.  David says it is the Sears version and he should know.    This set seems to be missing the dragon, but that does not mean it wasn't included originally.   This was David's childhood set.  Here is what he has to say about its background:

I have found a box of Dragonriders of Styx that has been in storage at my Mother's for years.  Apologies for the pics, but the item is 19 hours away from me. I had someone else send my photos. The box has instructions, I believe there is an order form on the other side. My mom had written on the box "If you boys open this again I will return it to the store." The box is a plain mailer, at one time it had a label that was plain as well. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018


This set of 10 soft plastic mythology figures was released as give away prizes in Mexican snack cakes in 2017.  The cakes are called Gansitos/ Gansi Premio.  The company that makes them is called Marinela. The figures are about 35-40mm tall.  They came individually wrapped with a collector card.  They are on the small side for toy soldiers.  Nice quality.  

Friday, May 18, 2018

What the heck are these?

I've had these for years and tried off and on to find out who made them and what they are called, but no luck at all.  I think they were made in the 1980s, but maybe the 1990s or both.  They are made of rubber and have holes in their butts for pencils.  The little dragon is fairly ordinary looking, but the mutant centaur birdman is one of the weirdest figures of all time.  So, does anybody know anything solid about these guys?

While we are at it, what are these guys?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

PUBLIUS: Dwarf Warrior & Dwarf Thief

Publius is a Russian company that makes very high quality, and costly, figures on par with anything else available.  These two dwarves are the first fantasy figures from this company (at least that I know of).  They were released with a set of vikings.  The warrior is standing on some rocks which make him 58mm.  That is kind of tall for a dwarf.  

The other guy looks like a thief to me, or am I just profiling? Who else walks around with a lantern and a hand axe?   I'm not saying that all dwarfs are criminals.  I'm not saying that I would pick up either one of these guys hitchhiking at night either.  Some of those Lord of the Rings guys were cool.  These suckers on the other hand are the old school Norse legends kind of dwarves .  .  .  violent, devious bastards. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

WARHANSA: Fantasy Series

UPDATE 2/25/18:  Morehansa from Warhansa!  They have relased new 5 figure sets of 54mm Asterix the Gaul and post apocalyptic weirdos along with a 4 figure set of 60mm ninjas.  There is also a new bad ass 60mm orc gladiator, and  a 28mm scale troll that works as a goblin in toy soldier scale. 

Warhansa is a small company that makes truly outstanding figures. They recently made their first 1/32 scale (60mm) fantasy figures, and I hope they make more.  These guys are a barbarian warrior and some kind of non-human assassin.  The detail is excellent. The smaller blue guy is called the Night King and is intended as a very large figure in 28mm scale. He is about 54mm. The figures are made in small batches, so they are kind of expensive, but the quality makes them worth the price.

I asked them to describe their company and this is what they wrote back:  

We are an international team united by passion to toy soldiers. We have been dreaming of making our own minis since childhood. We started our project 3 years ago. Production is based in Russia. We make miniatures according to our taste in relatively small quantities and gladly share them with fellow hobbyists.  

You can check them out here Warhansa.