Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Arco: Mad Scientist Companion Figures

Arco released these weird figures with the Mad Scientist toy line in the late 1980s, after Arco was purchased by Mattel.  They range in size from three to five inches. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hasbro: Star Wars Command Gamorrean Guard

Here is an orc I forgot to include in my Orc Army.  A friend pointed out that the Gamorrean Guard figure from the Star Wars Command series makes an excellent orc. I only have a couple of these figures.  Not enough for army building, but he does make a fine orc.  He is about 45mm.  He comes in the Rancor Revenge set which also includes a Rancor that works as a fantasy monster.

I remember thinking "why is there an orc in a sci fi movie" the first time I saw Jedi.   Well, I am glad for it now.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Custom Skeleton Cavalry

It has always bothered me that the Polotoy skeletons come with horses that have saddles but no riders. Here is my attempt to put skeleton riders on those skeleton horses.  I used 50mm skeletons that I bought in bulk from Oriental Trading Company.   All I did was cut off the bases and lock the legs in place with twist ties.  It is a very low tech and low effort custom job, but the results are not bad. I will add these guys to my Army of the Dead.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BLUEBOX: Sparkle Dreamland Bucket

There is a new bucket of fantasy figure from Bluebox . . . finally. Sadly, its not the one we were waiting for.  Bluebox just dropped a girly bomb in my collection with the Sparkle Dreamland Bucket. This bucket has happy little fairies, unicorns that can be turned in to pegasus and a nice looking dragon.  The fairies are about 42mm, the unicorns range from 30 - 50mm, and the dragon is about 60mm. The set also comes with a castle face, an archway, a rainbow bridge and a slide.  

I can't believe that Bluebox thinks producing this bucket is a better move than producing the badass fantasy bucket they teased us with in 2015.  I'm not upset that they made a set for little girls, just disappointed they didn't produce the other set as well. Girls deserve toys they like just as much as little boys or even the overgrown boys reading this blog. Still, it gives me a glimmer of hope to see that Bluebox has not given up on the bucket of figures concept.  Maybe they will give us our bucket next.  

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I don't collect TMNT but I have found a bunch of figures in toy soldier scale over the years.  They work in just about any fantasy setting.  There are traditional toy soldier type figures and mini action figures.  

Traditional Unpainted Figures

China Bootlegs


These figures are made in Argentina, but I think they are not bootlegs.  Picture from an ebay auction.

Picture from an ebay auction.

Yolanda of Spain

Picture from an ebay auction.

Unknown Made in West Germany

I don't know anything about these guys but they are marked made in West Germany.  They have round magnets in their backs.

Unknown 4" Flats

Mini Action Figures

Playmates 2003-5

Picture from an ebay auction.

Picture from an ebay auction.

Playmates Movie Figures 2006

Playmates 2015

The turtles in this set look to be the same figures as the 2003 sets, but the other figures are new.  You can see that they are just a little different.

Other Unknown Random Stuff

The Rat Pack.