Sunday, April 7, 2019

WARHANSA: Fantasy Series

UPDATE 4/7/19:  Even morehansa from Warhansa!  They just released 60mm Conan and Zena figures.   Copyrights?  What Copyrights?  There is also a cool new evil priest and sacrifice. 

UPDATE 2/25/18:  Morehansa from Warhansa!  They have relased new 5 figure sets of 54mm Asterix the Gaul and post apocalyptic weirdos along with a 4 figure set of 60mm ninjas.  There is also a new bad ass 65mm orc gladiator, and  a 28mm scale troll that works as a goblin in toy soldier scale. 

Warhansa is a small company that makes truly outstanding figures. They recently made their first 1/32 scale (60mm) fantasy figures, and I hope they make more.  These guys are a barbarian warrior and some kind of non-human assassin.  The detail is excellent. The smaller blue guy is called the Night King and is intended as a very large figure in 28mm scale. He is about 54mm. The figures are made in small batches, so they are kind of expensive, but the quality makes them worth the price.

I asked them to describe their company and this is what they wrote back:  

We are an international team united by passion to toy soldiers. We have been dreaming of making our own minis since childhood. We started our project 3 years ago. Production is based in Russia. We make miniatures according to our taste in relatively small quantities and gladly share them with fellow hobbyists.  

You can check them out here Warhansa.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Ninjas & Kung Fu Part 1: Ninja Ninja Ninja!

Just about every Asian fantasy movie I have seen and story I have read revolves around one or more martial arts masters who's skills rise to the level of super powers. Asians love to mix fantasy with martial arts, and who can blame them.  Martial arts and fantasy are a natural fit.  Part 1 of this post is about ninjas. Part 2 will be about other martial arts figures.

Japan's supernaturally sneaky ninjas exploded into the world's culture in the 1980s and were quickly paid tribute in the form of cheap plastic ninja toy soldiers. The first ones to show up in the USA were made in Hong Kong and China.   Some very nice ninja figures have also come out of Russia more recently.  I see no reason not to include ninjas in any fantasy world.  Having trouble with pesky orcs?  Sick the ninjas on 'em.

UPDATE 4/1/19  

I found a bag of ninjas from 1997 made by Boley that I had never seen before.  They must be fairly rare.  Ego aside, if I miss something like this for 20 plus years, it has to be hard to find.  I also found a few of the unknown 54mm ninja that come with separate weapons that are very similar to the Marty Toy Galaxy Warriors figures.

Hong Kong/China Ninjas

Boley 1997 50mm

These guys are about 54mm if you consider that they are all bent at the knees.  They actually stand at about 50mm.  Four poses.

Hing Fat 45mm.

The first ninja toy soliders I found were made by Hing Fat, but were distributed by lots of different companies.   These figures are about 45mm.

Photo from an ebay auction.

Photo from an ebay auction.

Photo from an ebay auction.

The red guys are copies made by Sopla of Greese.

Photo form an ebay auction.

Photo from an ebay auction.

Unknown 54mm.

These 54mm Ninjas are just about as common as the Hing Fat figures, but I don't have any idea who made them.

Photo from an ebay auction.

Separate Weapons Variation

Redbox Return of the Ninja Playset.

This is the only Ninja playset I know of.   The figures are only about 35-40mm and are a little cartoonish, but the playset is very cool.

GI Joe Copy Modern Ninjas.

These are 54-60mm copies of 3.75 inch GI Joe figures.  I have no idea who actually made them.  

Other Ninjas.

These are 40mm from Blip, LLC's Ninjas v. Robots set.

These were vending and prize figures.  About 45mm.

These come apart the the waste.  About 45mm.


Don''t know a thing about these guys other than I want some.  Photo from an ebay auction.

Photo from an ebay auction.

Russian Made Ninjas

Russia is a little late jumping on the ninja bandwagon but they have made some exceptional figures.