Vintage Sci Fi Toy Soldiers Before the Space Programs

I consider the vintage era of toy soldiers to be the days when American and European toy companies made figures in the USA and Europe.  Before everything started being made in Asia.  Until the US and Russian space programs took off in the late 1950s and early 1960s, vintage sci fi figures were heavily influenced by the imagery of the pulps going back to the 1920s.  Weird head gear, capes and puffy shoulders were the order of the day.  A good number of sci fi figures were made all around the world during this time, but I don't collect very many of them because I don't really like the style. Here are the ones I do like, in no particular order.

Thomas Toy

Marx Moon Base Aliens

These are the later version in bright green.

These are marx first version knights that have been reworked as space knights.  Fairly modern production.




I am not 100% sure about who made these or when.

The Moon Platoon

These were still available in later years, but seem very pulp inspired.  Small red versions of these figures are included in Tara Toys Dark Adventure Playset.

Starlux Aliens

I am not really certain when these were made but they look very pulp inspired to me. 

Miller Aliens

Photo from ebay auction.

Mego: Star Trek Mission to Gamma IV

Random Stuff



  1. The astronauts at the bottom of the Moon Platoon pics are the same as the LP spacemen you cover [under the name IDL].

  2. The premier/not sure figures were made by plasticraft