Monday, April 13, 2015

MR. LUCKY BAG: Horrors n' Heroes

These came in surprise bags released some time in the 90s or early 2000s.  There are 16 figures based on Greek mythology.  They are about 50mm, and are made of soft plastic.  Only released in Europe as far as I know.  Very rare.

I found this picture on the net (MXD I think).

This picture is also from MXD I think

This picture is also from some place on the net.

Found this picture on the net a few years ago, I don't remember where.


  1. One of my favorite obscure lines. I have about half of them and am hoping to eventually complete a set.

  2. I wish I could find these guys. They seem awesome.

  3. Were these released in the states, or is this more of a European line? They are amazing and from what I can tell insanely expensive. Just wondering how much of a chance I could have of ever finding them in the wild...(as in garage sales and flea markets), cause there is no way I can afford them on ebay!

  4. As far a I know, they were only available in Europe.

  5. I actually had a few of these (or a predecessor range?) around '94-97 and let them go (thought mine were more 'alien' than 'monster'?) and it's an unproven theory of mine - with no supporting evidence either way - that they might have been made/supplied by Yolanda from Spain - compare:

    ...but I also have some similar figures like this marked Panosh?

    In around 1996/7 I got involved in clearing a warehouse full of lucky bags and cheap snacks following a fire but by then the contents were so poor I only got a few handfuls of 30mm guards drum-majors, and some sailing-ship flats, both of the cheapo Christmas Cracker variety! We were shovelling them into skips!

    1. Interesting theory, and thanks for the info. I don't have any solid information on who made these either, but I have suspected that they were made by Tehnolog. I only say that because they look like early Tehnolog figures. Yolanda is just as likely.