Lizardman Warband

I don't have enough lizardmen to be picky.  Any reptile that is not a dragon or a snake makes it into this warband.



  1. Really nice Lizardmen Warband Shaun, I do know all these figures but i dont yet own the Kinder or the Durham Industries Lizardmen figures, But hopefully one day.

  2. Yeah some nice looking Lizardmen Shaun,Its a shame that there arean't more Lizardmen in 1/32 scale,Ive always found that frustrating. I know that there are some Great lizardmen figures done in 1/72 scale but i dont collect in this small scale figures.I only collect 1/32 scale. I to want to get hold of some Durham Industrie figures but there dont seem to be many around.

  3. Thanks gents. Those Durham guys can be hard to find. The writing on the bottom is very hard to read and most ebay sellers don't see the Durham name, so they don't put it in their listings. That makes finding them kind of random.