Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MARTY TOY: Warriors of the Galaxy

Marty Toy produced a line of 12 original fantasy/sci fi figures that came in playsets, blister cards and bags under the name Warriors of the Galaxy.  The good guys are called Golden Heroes and the bad guys are Demons of the Universe.  They have interchangeable weapons and shields.  The original figures are marked "Marty Toy 1983."  Later copies are unmarked or just marked "Hong Kong,"  Marty Toy vanished shortly after these came out, but a bunch of other companies put out copies including some good quality copies from Mexico. 




These are the three basic color variations for the Golden Heroes.



These are the three basis color variations of the demons.

Several companies released these slightly modified copies of 5 of the 6 Demons.

These copies also come with the same weapons.

I have only found these three poses in black, so far. 
These copies are from Mexico, called Heroes g Villanos de la Galaxia.

In Mexico they copied the heroes and all six of the villains.

Most of the Mexico copies are higher quality than the Hong Kong copies.

Some of the Mexico copies remove the skeleton's horns and make him look even creeper.

These are glow-in-the-dark boolegs that came from vending machines.  Very rare. I believe these five are a complete set as they seem to be bootlegs of the common monster bootleg set that does not include the lizard guy.  Bootlegs of bootlegs = poor quality, but cool colors.  

The vending machine copies are about 15% smaller.

I'm not sure where these copies are from.  They are about the same size as the vending figures.


These are the vehicles from the playsets.

These copies of Tootsie Toy Flash Gordon space ships come with the Mexico copies.

This weird little piece also comes with some of the Mexico copies.

The electronic playset is the more common of the two,

This rare carry case style playset has everything other than the electronic mountain and is much harder to find.

This very rare card came from England.



Gordy released these Hong Kong copies in 1985.

Original Demons Bag.

Original Heroes Bag.

Not sure who released these copies.

These Ja Ru Figures are marked "Marty Toy 1983."

Ja Ru must have bought or had some deal with Marty Toy to release original figures.  Or not.

These Hong Kong copies were distributed by A-OK.

The Mexico figures are better than the bag suggests.

Photo frm an ebay auction.  I just missed this auction.  


  1. What a great collection of these. I love seeing some more of those vending bootlegs. I have only seen pics of one or two other than the ones I sent you in our trade. In addition to the green, orange and yellow, I know I've seen a pic of a blue one. I wonder if those were the only four colors.

  2. Thanks Frank. I just picked up the fifth figure. It took around seven years to find the full set, but amazingly, these are the only ones I ever found. I never came across any duplicates except for the yellow guy. He was available in two places around the same time and I managed to get the cheaper of the two. It almost never works like that with odd rare stuff.

  3. Fantastic, I'm glad you were able to complete the set. And I love those rare times when collecting works out neatly like that.

  4. Superb collection Shaun! An amazing set, again I recognise elements: the MOTU - Attack Trak? the little purple moonscape piece could be kosmic kiddles but I'll have to check. The spaceship is fascinating too. Do you mind of I blog a couple of pics from here? I'll credit them to you and direct folk to your superb site. By the way, congrats on 2 years and respect! Nearly 1,800,000 hits in such a short time! Fabulous! My blog is Moonbase Central. Just google it.

  5. Thanks much. I have been a fan of Moonbase Central for years.

  6. Great collection and great site.
    I swear that I remember these little guys from when I was a kid. They were sold in bags they were all monsters and they all had weapons in their hands not loose. I especially remember the skeleton warrior. Also I remember them having a lot more detail but maybe it was just youthful imagination?

    1. Cool. I have never seen any with built in weapons.

    2. Shaun, it's possible that Trencher may have been referring to detachable weapons which were pre-inserted into the figures' ring-hands, as opposed to being permanently molded into place.
      Any clarification would be appreciated, Trencher.

      P.S. I assume you've already seen this page but, just in case you haven't, monster-toy enthusiast Zachary Sessock also has a page -- in addition to yours and Frank's -- about the "Warriors of the Galaxy" toy-line and it's various bootlegs & knockoffs. Interestingly, he claims that these are knockoffs of the "Masters of the Universe" (MOTU, AKA He-Man) toy-line. Aside from the terms "Demons of the Universe" & "Warriors of the Galaxy", the fact that one villain has a skeletal face, and the general "swords-and-sorcery" fantasy theme, I personally fail to see the connection.
      Unfortunately a few of the photos have become inactive, but it's still a very informative resource.

    3. Thanks, the Count is a friend of the blog. Love his post.