McFarlane: Halo Wars Heroic Series

I have seen something new in toy soldiers over the last few years, a sort of mix of traditional solid cast toy soldiers and articulated action figures.  McFarlane's Halo Wars Heroic Series is the best example of what I consider the new high water mark for toy soldiers.  These figures are about 3 inches and have amazing detail, plus you can repose them into a wide range of positions, allowing each figure to be just a little bit different. Hasbro did this to a lesser extent with their Star Wars Unleashed Battle Packs and the G.I. Joe Sigma 6 lines.  

I always wanted really cool space armored toy soldiers, and McFarlane finally came though in spades. The last five sets pictured are unreleased.  I obtained them through black magic.

These are all the same figure



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