Saturday, February 14, 2015

DFC: Copies, Knockoffs & Bootlegs

There are surprisingly few DFC bootlegs.  The most common are slightly modified versions of the knights.  These knights are just a little bit smaller than standard DFC knights, and four have slightly modified weapons.  I have found only one example of these figures in original packaging and it is a strange mash up of DFC, Chinasaurs and The Sword & The Sorcerer.  The bootleg knights and some bootleg demons also seem to be associated with the little gray figures pictured below, but I don't know were they come from.

I recently found a header bag of knockoff gray knights from Straco, and carded set from Gordy with both blue and gray knights.

Very rare bootleg demons.



I have found these figures with the bootlegs more than once.  So, I think they are related.


This undated set by Famus Toys has the blue bootleg knights, a Chinasaur giant bird, and the red boarder around the card is the same as on the cards for Arco/Fleetwood's The Sword & The Sorcerer figures. Very strange but very cool.

Here is a interesting set from Gordy with both blue and gray bootleg knights.  King Arthur and the knights of Justice.   It even includes some authentic medieval razor wire. Dated 1992.

Stracos' set of the knockoff knights in gray.

Joseph Svec III sold me this odd bag of MPC knights with DFC knights and dragonriders.

I don't know if these are a factory mistake, a bootleg mix, or some kind of strange joint venture, but I have never seen DFC mixed with MPC before.

Miner industries owned MPC.

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  1. I was wondering where that bird came from. I have him somewhere in my piles of random plastic...