Vintage Sci Fi Toy Soldiers During the Space Program Era.

When America and Russia started sending men into space the world lost interest in pulpish sci fi and became fascinated with the reality of space flight. Most of the figures made in this era are in flight suits rather than actual space suits.  After the moon landing in 1967, actual space suit astronauts were produced, but I don't collect very many of those because they are more science fact than science fiction.  Here are the ones I like (there are a lot more that I have never bothered to collect).



From Fireball XL5.  I like the well endowed alien. The rest of this series are stupid looking. 


Nobody seems to really know much about these guys.  I have seen them listed on other sites under the name "IDL," but what that stands for, I still don't know.  I have also seen them in a boxed set from the 1960s under the name Larimy Plastics.  The bagged set I have was put out by ARCO in the late 1970s or early 1980s. 

These are Greek bootlegs. 


  1. The well endowed alien is "ZOONIE" (Who was the "Jerry Lewis "of aliens). The hot girl puppet was always running around saying "Zoonie my little zoonie" Only in the fantasy world do the ugly creatures get the hot girls.

  2. The brand is LP. It often has a demon or devil holding the letters so it looks like IDL. Fascinating post. I love these spacemen. They were included in Tr-ang SpaceX toys, Imperial Apollo Moon Exploring toys and Multiple Toymakers Golden Astronauts all circa 1970. they may have also been part of the fabled Project SWORD Moon Base set, of which there are no known examples in existence.

    1. You know, I though it was LP myself, but so many other sites and dealers list them IDL that I just assumed they knew something I didn't. I saw a boxed version of the painted spacemen on ebay once years ago and you could read the name "Laramie Plastics" on the side of the box. I am not certain that I remember the way they spelled "Laramie," but that was the name.