Friday, April 17, 2015

UNKNOWN: Barbarians & Amazons / Galaxy Warriors

These hard plastic 60mm barbarians and amazons started showing up in the early 2000s.  I think they were prizes that you won playing arcade games for tickets.  I loved to play skeeball in those kind of places as a kid.  I was good enough to win a lot of tickets and take home a lot of plastic crap, but I really wished that you could cash in the tickets for more skeeball games.  They were also sold in bags under the name Galaxy Warriors.  Marty Toy and Sungold used that name as well. These are very rare.  I still have no idea who actually made them.

I recently found a variation.  The figure on the left is about 10% larger than the standard figures and is made of soft rubber instead of hard plastic.  This figure also does not have the little round base sticking out from one foot.  I don't know anything about where it was made or how it was packaged. Vending machine is a possibility. I got it in a mixed ebay lot.

I recently found a few more of the variant figures. 

I believe this was a sales board for arcade prizes.  


  1. I like how for some reason the amazons have half of their faces squashed in, haha.

  2. Ya, its like they dated Ray Rice or something.

  3. I really want these,The other figures are knock offs but our fantasy guys are original.

  4. Galaxy Worriors. They don't really fight, they just worry about it.

  5. Ya, what can you say about that one.

  6. I got four of these figures in a lot with prc rubber dfc figures. Mine also are rubbery without the bases at the foot. Before you revised this posting with the new figure you got, I just assumed I had the same as the ones you had, and someone had removed the little base attached to the foot. The fact that mine came in a lot with prc figures suggests to me that the larger rubbery formed figures would have come first, and the others would be bootlegs of them. I ended up with two of the women with the snake head looking shields, one of the barbarians holding the sword over his head, and one of the guys with a shield and a curved sword or scimitar. All were in the reddish brown color. At first I thought them possibly prc versions of new figures to go along with the dfc molds, or possibly a new version of the dfc Orc or a take on the toyco bootlegs. They are just marked China. I am curious as to why I got them with a lot of prc dragonriders...doesn't mean they came together originally of course. I would love to crack the mystery of these figures!

    1. a quick edit to my post: the figures are stamped hong kong, not china as I originally posted.