Saturday, January 3, 2015

TIMMEE/PPC: Fantasy Figures

Timmee, later Processed Plastics Corp, gave up its license to make marvel comic figures and remolded them into 90mm fantasy figures.  You can still tell who most of these were originally.  These started showing up in header bags in the early 1980s.  There are three generations of bags, two vintage and one modern. The first generation are glow in the dark figures in bright green, orange, blue and white.  The second generation are in pastel green, purple and yellow.  The modern figures are pea green and gray.

Gen 3,2,1.  The new green is very close to the gen 2 green.  

Hulk is not just a caveman, he is a saber-toothed caveman.

Gen 1 bag.

Gen 2 bag.

Modern bag.

Alternate modern bag.


  1. I had a single figure of the "hulk" guy with the club that was about 50mm high. Have you ever seen any other smaller versions of these figures? Could this be one of Timmee's original Marvel line?

  2. They used the Hulk figure in a later set of cavemen in much smaller scale. I wish they made the others in the same scale, but I don't think so.

  3. Doctor Doom, and Thor I recognize. Who are the other four supposed to be?

  4. The other are (or rather were) Hulk, Red Skull, Human Torch & The Falcon.