Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BAN DAI: Navia Drapt

Ban Dai released this chess variant game starting around 2004. I don't know what Navia Dratp means. The figures came in starter sets and booster packs. There were some expansion sets as well.  They range from 40mm to 70mm and fit nicely with toy solders.  They come attached to a large base with a spinning disk that is used in the game. They can be removed from the base, but it is not easy.  There are more figures than shown here.  I have picked the best out of a big lot I found cheap.  Painted figures are rare.


  1. hey! any chance of selling some of them?

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  3. Replies
    1. Trade lists are on the right hand side just below the Zombie Toy Soldier pages.

  4. Ah ok. So you don't need any more Navia Drapt stuff in trade! Thanks for your time!