Sunday, December 20, 2015

GALOOB: Xpanders, Knockoffs and Imitators.

Galoob released the Xpanders line in 1989.  The line included military vehicles that would open up into military bases.  They came with cool one inch futuristic soldiers. The figures look a bit more futuristic than the vehicles. The tan guys are X-pand Command Forces and the red guys are Enemy Forces.  I liked these guys when they first came out and I have continured to pick up knockoffs and imitatoins over the years. They have been copied in fairly highend packed sets (for knockoffs) and also cheaply in bulk. They have been copied or imitated in larger scale as well.  These were some of the very first really cool sci fi toy soldiers in my opinion.

Original Galoob

Galoob reused them as part of the Starship Troopers Micro Machines line.


Soldier Force & Lizoio

The Soldier Force guy is about a milimeter shorter compared to the orignal on the left.  The unpainted Lizoio guy on the right is original size.

Cheap Noname Knockoffs

These are painted to look like Halo figures.

These came with a bunch of other soldiers but no other Xpanders copies.

These are the worst copies.


Larger Scale Knocoffs

These came in a bag with other regular toy soldiers, but no other Xpanders poses.  About 42mm.

These are new from Lanard and are available from Walmart.  About 45mm.




I don''t know who made these.  They are about 54mm.  This is the only figure I know of. 


  1. Oh man this is awesome, I have been trying to track down what these guys were for several years now, I only have one figure left from the tank playset. managed to keep him for close to 26 years.

    1. Same here. I bough some when they first came out, did not keep the package, and then forgot what they were. I tried to figure it out for a few years before I found a packaged set again. I'm glad my post helped you out.

  2. Very nice! Cool blog Thank's!

  3. Where can I find any of these?

  4. I have the Return of the Ninja playset but i can't find a value for it anywhere. I want to sell on eBay. It's sealed. I also have a sealed Crossbows and Catapults set as well as a Pirates of Treasure Island playset sealed. How do i get a value for something without anything to compare it to?

  5. Best guess as to how much i should charge?

  6. Thank you! Not a bad idea. BTW, i LOVE this site (dunno if it's yours). I am considering making my own board game, kind of a mix between heroclix, warhammer, and warcraft; anyway, this site has given me some good ideas on what kind of pieces to buy.

  7. I loved this toys. Great article.