Sunday, September 14, 2014

UNKNOWN: Minotaur Wizard Dwarf Knight Archer

I started seeing these in ebay lots around 2010.  They are made of firm rubber.  They seem to be associated with the castle pictured below. I don't know anything more about them.

Photo from ebay auction.


  1. I never saw this before. Looks great love the monsters how big?

  2. That castle is pretty sweet! Wouldn't mind having it in my collection.

  3. That castle is pretty sweet! Wouldn't mind having it in my collection.

  4. Hey Shaun, I have a question about the archer and horse? Can you confirm they came together when you bought them? I see they are both in the eBay lot picture, but that horse is suppose to be Chap Mei according to auctions I have seen, and another collector confirmed it as well because he had it as a kid from a Chap Mei set. I see there are also other Chap Mei figures in the auction picture. I have the archer but no horse, and when I bought my lot of these off eBay it came with a white lion with a purple mane...I have seen another lot since then with the same lion. I'm wondering if the lion was his actual mount, but like you mention there is just such little info on these toys out there. Do you know if the auction for the castle is still up?

    1. No I cannot confirm. I think you are correct about it being from Chap Mei. The horse did come in the same lot from ebay as the figures, but I have never seen these guys in original packaging.

  5. There are mix lot there. I saw the lot listed about two or three months may be.
    I got some of the figures such the archer and wizard, also there is a knight and another warrior plus prince,minotaur and Viking. There is an eagle,troll ,princess and king figure. Sold in 90's under SIMBA.I saw a cloned smaller version by another Chinese brand few years after
    They are part of a set sold in bag. Stads stuff show the mounted figure not long ago.
    The castle is not x then ,least in way I got.
    The horse Chap Mei

  6. as far I check the set did not sold last time I saw as person was asking very high.