Saturday, December 21, 2019

More fun stuff from Russia

Russia just keeps on turning out new figures.  I don't know who made any of these.

Tehnolog Bootleg Skeletons. (soft rubber)

My source tells me these are very hard to find even in Russia.

Martial Arts figures.

Russian 30mm Hobbits.

Russian 30mm Goblins.  From the same company that makes to no name orcs and wolf riders.


  1. Yeah Russia and Ukraine are the top Hot countries in the world right now for producing toy soldiers and Fantasy figures and have been for a few years now, The only downside is that many but not all are very expensive due mainly to small firms producing small runs of figures, But there are so many figures coming out from this region that there are also many excellent and affordable figures also. I haven't seen the Skeleton or Hobbit figures before, But i have brought some of the Goblin figures a few months ago which are very similar to the No Name Orcs i brought a few years ago. They were really nice but a bit short so i converted them to taller legs so that they now stand at 50mm and go nicely with my other Fantasy figures.
    Regards Darren

    1. Thank Darren. I would love to see some pictures of your conversions.

  2. some info about em: