Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Joseph Svec III, a good friend and fellow collector I know is thinning out his collection.  These fantasy playsets are just a small faction of Joseph's collection of toy castles and knights.  He is the author of "Toy Castles and Knights: A Guide to Toy Castles & Knights from all Around the World," which is the best guide book for toy knights, castles and medieval playsets I have seen.  There is an excellent chapter on Swords and Sorcery playsets.  I began corresponding with him after I purchased a copy of his book.  He is a real gentleman, and knows his stuff.  I believe that he is the original owner of most, if not all, of the figures and playsets he is offering.   I have purchased from him myself and I can vouch that what I received was of the highest quality and very well packaged.  

If you are interested in any of these sets, or would like a list of dozens of other outstanding medieval and historical playsets he has available, you can email Joseph at  You can buy a copy of his book at Toy Knights.

This is great stuff at fair prices.  Get them while you can.

DFC Giant castle with 100 Knights and fantasy figures, complete with instructions $125.00

H.G. Medium Sword and Sorcery playset with rare 3-headed dragon, complete except for instructions $125.00.  The castle tabs are all intact, all accessories are present, there are 48 figures plus 4 horses. The box is in excellent condition.

Reissue H.G. Siege equipment: 8 catapults & 7 mantlets in red plastic $10.00 unboxed

1988 Willow Movie 54mm figures lot of 8 carded and 3 three-figure boxed sets, all for $75.00  Includes: Heroic Collector boxed sets 1 & 2, Evil collector boxed set 1, 
Individual carded figures: Willow, Madmardigan on foot, Madmardigan Mtd, Sorsha, Arak, Troll Bavmorda x 2

1988 Willow movie Eborsisk two-headed dragon $25.00

NOTE:  These castles do not come with figures.

Plastoy 40mm Hand Painted War Machines catapult plus 2 very detailed Orcs.  MINT on card Produced in 2010, not sold in USA. no longer available outside of USA  Very Rare $50.00

Miner Dragon Crest Fantasy Adventure Boxed playset. $50.00
This set is missing the playmat, and all the green spooky figures.  It has 100 knights in black and red, 9 horses, 4 horses blankets,  the ladder, mantlet,  catapult, siege tower and two sets of boulders still on the sprue. It has a dragon, but it is different than the one in the box picture. Note:the castle drawbridge is not shown but is present. 


  1. Wow, I am happy you posted this up for us! I shot him an email, and hopefully I will be able to snag a few of these sets. Great prices and a great chance for me to snag a few of the old sets I don't have...we will see!

  2. Hey! I actually found a copy of Miner Dragon Crest at my local salvation army and can't find much info on it. Did you end up selling this copy?