Sunday, July 5, 2015

MHP: The Black Knight

The Black Knight may have been released multiple times.  MPH is short for Midwestern Home Products, and is likely just one of several distributors. Some sets were also distributed by a company called Manley. The Manley sets include bags of plastic bootleg Britains knights and are dated 1996. The figures that come with the carded sets from MPH are bootlegs of Simba knights and are made of soft rubber, and have no date on the package. Some of the Simba knight copy figures are dated 1995, and some are undated.  The dragons, if you can call them that, are rubber and dated 1984. I don't know what they were originally. 

I am redoing this post to include some of the Manley figures I have recently found and some new pictures of the dragons.  I am also taking this opportunity to show off my army of Britains bootleg knights.   I have taken most of my mounted bootlegs from these Black Knights sets, but also have a bunch of other Britains copies from Polotoy and Helm Toy.   The Britains copies from Manley are a flat and poorly detailed plastic. Polotoy and others put out copies in a softer more translucent plastic.  These figures are a touch larger, and better detailed than the flat plastic figures. 

Photo is from an ebay auction.

Britains Knockoff Army


  1. So your the one who outbid me months ago on the lot of KO Britain's Saracen horse riders that are in the first few pics....maybe I'm wrong but I swear they look exactly like a lot I lost out on...(the seller also had a decent size lot of the green dragon rider figures from Helm Toy that I believe the same bidder won as well). I'm glad to see that they went to good hands if that is the case. I thought they would be a great addition to any Helm toy collection.

    1. Maybe. I got about half of those figures in one ebay lot.

  2. The black knight were first release under SIMBA two castle playset in 1993 and later 1994 black rock .Company who made them was (Toy Major)-China in 1991
    Original series consist of 12 poses with 6 plug in weapons. Divided in two mold of 6 poses each.
    Later as you mentioned other companies distributors and repacking(jogger) got them but generally using one (6 poses mold set)
    I got both original play set and all poses, if need pic ,contact me.
    Hope this help. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the information. I have soft spot for knockoffs, and just wanted an excuse to take some pictures of them together.