Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fantasy Toy Soldier Collectors by Country

One of the fun things about this blog for me is getting to know people from all over the world who share an interest in fantasy toy soldiers.  I have been a little surprised by how much interest the blog has generated outside of the USA, and which countries have been showing the most interest.  A little more than half of all the traffic on my blog comes from the USA, about 51%.  The UK brings the second most visitors, followed by Canada. 

It is certainly not surprising that a blog in English attracts the most attention from English speaking countries.   What is surprising to me is all of the visitors I get from countries that don't speak English.  There seems to be a lot of interest in fantasy toy soldiers in both Western and Eastern Europe, Central and South America and Australia, but only a little interest in Asia and the Middle East. 

On the theory that other people might find this interesting as well, here is a list of the 20 countries that brought the most visitors to this blog during 2015:

1.     USA        8,015 users (51.23%).
2.     UK          1,139 users (7.29%).
3.     Canada       485 users (3.08%).
4.     Italy           387 users (2.48%).
5.     France        377 users (2.40%).
6.     Germany    373 users (2.37%).
7.     Australia    344 users (2.18%).
8.     Brazil         267 users (1.70%).
9.     Russia        264 users (1.68%).  
10.   Spain          213 users (1.36%).
11.   S. Korea     198 users (1.26%).   [mostly spam traffic]
12.   Mexico       193 users (1.23%).
13.   China          190 users (1.21%).   [mostly spam traffic]
14.   Japan          189 users (1.20%).  [mostly spam traffic]
15.   Netherlands143 users (0.91%).
16.   Sweden       126 users (0.80%).
17.   Poland         109 users (0.69%).
18.   Argentina      86 users (0.55%).
19.   Belgium        81 users (0.52%).
20.   Ukraine         80 users (0.51%).  


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  2. keep up your wonderful blog. I have my own blog - Quantrill's Toy Soldiers which features both historical and fantasy figures that i paint and wargame with. My fantasy campaign features imaginary countries, although armies have been human so far with few fantastical beasts.

    1. Thank you very much James. I have had your site on my blog roll from day one. Your paint jobs are outstanding and the shear range of figures you work with is amazing. Keep up the good work yourself.

  3. You really are doing a great job, I love your blog! I only wish I hadn't missed out on your book, which looks absolutely fantastic! If you ever decide to make your book available again please let me know! :)

    1. Thank you sir. I don't think I will republish that book just because I have learned so much more about fantasy toy soldiers in the years since. I might try my hand a new comprehensive books someday.

  4. Please add one Portuguese fan to your list.Thank you for sharing such great figures!

  5. Hi, I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for sharing. Jay from the Philippines

  6. Cool! Very cool blog! KGB watching your blog O_o

    1. Thanks, and yikes. Does that mean the KGB will claim my blog is all lies ment to discredit Putin?