Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My 45mm Army

One of the things I love about the DFC figure set is that they are not all the same size.  The monsters are larger than the knights and wizards.  Most of the human figures in the set are 45mm, while the monsters range from 45mm to 60mm. I like the difference.  DFC set the standard for 45mm human fantasy warriors and there are lots of traditional 45mm toy soldier knights, vikings, romans, ninjas and other figures that can join in the fun.   I have put together my own 45mm army of figures to help those DFC knights.   I have picked a lot of different figure lines for my army, but only those I actually like.  The new Toy Major knights did not make the list because I don’t like them much.   I have also left out rare stuff like Rubenstein figures because they are too expensive for army building.   So, here is my 45mm army:

DFC Knights:

MPC 45mm Knights:

HG Toys Knights & Barbarians:

Toysmith Guardian Knights:

Starlux Knights Copies/Knockoffs:

Remco Romans:

Unknown Romans: 

Simba: Roman/Greek/Knight:

Unknown 42mm knights & warriors: 

Hing Fat 45mm Ninjas:

Imperial Chinese Monks:

Some side by side pictures:


  1. lol... the swastika on the ninja figs. wow quite the collection. nice.

  2. Don't start your campaign now, it is too close to winter. Better to wait until Spring.

    1. That's just what they are expecting us to do.

  3. : ), you might be on to something here>

  4. Can I come over and play? I have to be home when the streetlights come on though.

  5. Love the table display you set up for the article! Great looking collection set up so well, appreciate the effort and great photos to check these out.

  6. That is a heck of an army, WOW!!!!
    Nice army and well condition figure collection.
    The Unknown 42 mm are very rare, never seen those before

  7. The red and silver marching Romans you have in your fantastic display are, I believe, from the Remco Big Caesar Roman warship from the early 1960s. I had it as a kid - you can find them on eBay fairly frequently, though I would certainly call them "rare" by modern standards.

    1. You are correct. They also come in yellow.