Thursday, December 29, 2016

Executioners & Evil Clowns

The masked medieval executioner (headsman) used to be among the staples of holloween horror. MPC included an executioner in its 1960s set of horror figures. The headsman has faided away in favor of zombies and other newer horror icons, but I still appriciate the character and think he fits well into a fantasy setting.  I recently found another 54mm headsman and decided to put him next to the MPC figure for a post. The new guy is made by a company called Replicants.  

One of the new horror icons that has replaced the executioner is the evil clown.  I think this trend just recognized what we all understood instinctively as children.  Clowns are horrible evil things and they are out to get us all.  There are neet evil clown figures in toy soldier scale from the Yu Gi Oh and Huntik lines.  


Evil Clowns


  1. Given the 'moral panic' either side of the pond back in October, those full-colour clowns have taken on a whole new significance...Evil Clowns - Brilliant!


  2. The clowns are running the world now Hugh, but that was going to happen sooner or later anyway. The media have proven Huxley more right than Orwell.

  3. I do wonder where it will end! The cynic says {you don't want to know what the cynic thinks!}, but the optimist says it's all been a slow improvement from eating rancid meat in a cold cave, with the odd step backward, so stick with it and stay hopeful!

  4. Those are some scary-ass clowns. No doubt they come alive at night.