Saturday, January 5, 2019

ARCO Sword & Sorcerer Bootlegs From Mexico

I recently found out that the bootleg barbarians in my Arco Sword & Sorcerer post were made in Mexico back in the 1980s or maybe very early 1990s.   The figures come with built in weapons and the riders don't the have peg holes in their butts to fit onto the original horses. They were sold in header card bags.  The bootleg sets include all of the figures and one of the two dragons, but no horses.  The figures are almost the same size but with much thicker bases.  The header card is all in English and very close to an exact copy of the original card backs.  

I got these figures in a trade with a collector and artist in Mexico.  I am very grateful to be able to get figures like these that I probably would never have found without help.  My benefactor is Nando Murio.  You can check out his art on pinerest here.  He also sent me an amazing bag of bootleg ninja turtles that includes some bootleg battle beasts.  I will post some pictures in my TMNT post.

Side by Side with Originals.

No peg holes in the riders.  They won't fix on the original horses.  


  1. They are a great base for an army although the riders are midgets compared to foot humans.

  2. Nice figures, I would love to own some but ive never seen any for sale. They must be quite rare?
    Regards Darren

    1. I assume they are very rare. I would never have found them if Nano had not reached out to me.

  3. I almost prefer them with the weapons integral and no paint!