Army of Amazons

I'm using the term amazons as a generic for any female warriors. There are only a few poses of amazons from classic 1980s sets, but more have been produced over the last decade or so in Russia, and for the western market in China.  In the west, political correctness now requires srong female characters and in Russia they are still willing to have fun making hot looking warrior chicks.  Either way, these women are ready to fight.



  1. Nice figures, The figure at the front on the left with the bow in the blue outfit is from an Ex-Res Robin Hood set i think, But she goes well with the other Fantasy figures. Love the Oritet and Tehnolog figures.
    Regards Darren

    1. Thanks for the figure ID Darren, I had been wondering about that figure's origin for a long time. Even the LRG board was not able to identify her.

  2. Your welcome Shaun, I brought the Robin Hood set from a dealer here in England about 10 years ago under the name of Ex-Res. Although i cant find any information about Ex-Res toy soldiers on the internet. Im not sure wether she is supposed to be Maid Marion or a female peasant warrior, But either way she looks really cool.
    Regards Darren

  3. ciao bellissimo sito, stupendo,volevo chiederti la marca delle Amazzoni e dove comprarle ho trovato solo quelle della Tehnolog,e come posso trovare la piccola Wonder Woman
    ti ringrazio



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