Wednesday, September 10, 2014

UNKNOWN: Chinasaurs

Classic Chinasaurs

These weird little monsters have been around since the 1960s.  Some of these figures were the inspiration for Dungeons & Dragons monsters.  They have been distributed in bags, cards, playsets and anything else you can think of.  I have started seeing them referred to as Chinasaurs and I like that name.  They are made of fairly hard plastic and are around 40-50mm.

They are a crazy gang of creatures that range from cool to silly looking.

Extra large 4 inch monsters.

This 4 inch tall version came in a playset called Medieval Times by Awesome  Kids.


This figure inspired the D&D rust monster.

These figures come in two sizes.

This figure inspired the D&D bulette.

This guy looks like he is leaning on a bar waiting for his drink.

Found a giant version of this guy.



This figure also has a smaller size like the small rust monster.

This guy looks proud of himself for some reason.

I think this is meant to be an actual pterodactyl rather than a made up monster, but I included it because the wings look like they have feathers and it has either feathers or fur on its back which makes it at least a little imaginary. 

Found a giant version of this guy as well.

This modified dino seems to the rare one in the set.  Probably added on by some company or another.

This is just one example of a dinosaur playset that includes the Chinasaurs.

The Owlbear

Another Kind of Chinasaurs

This is another set of weird dinosaur like creatures from China.  I don't know how these were packages but it was probably the same kind of bags, cards and playsets as the ones above.  These pictures are all provided by friend of the blog B-36.  

Even More Chinasaurs


  1. I know there were large versions of the dinosaur Chinasaurs, but I have never seen larger versions of the "fantasy" ones (like the 5" tall one you show above). Do you know of any of these larger ones from before the 1990s or were they all produced from scaled-up molds in more recent times?

  2. As for the odd figure you show above - I had a set of these - there were about 8 different designs. All, like the one you show, more fantasy versions of dinosaurs. I can send you the pictures of the set I had.

  3. I've also seen an oriental dragon that came in a bag of "chinasaurs" I purchased when I was a kid. It's the same length as the other figures.

  4. Thanks for the pictures, i'll put updating this post on my long list of projects.

  5. under your topic of "Another Kind of Chinasaurs" and the third pic down of the silver dinosaur. I know where the design for him was based on. In the 1990's I had found this figure in a flea market. Something about it really struck a chord with me and I just saw a Godzilla knock-off. It seemed that was the style they were after. However it kept bothering me because I knew I saw this somewhere before. It then hit me later- This little Chinsaur was based on the 1970 Bullmark Godzilla Toy figure

    hopefully it will load or at least show the link, but I upped a compare pic for you of the two--enjoy

  6. The set you refer to as 'another kind of chinasaur' are the Cretaceous Times bag and card set. If you google it you should find it no problem. I have two sealed sets myself.

  7. I had a set of these back in the 1970s, the long, skinny, yellow guy with spikes on his back listed under "another kind of Chinasaur" was included with them, right alongside the better-known Chinasaurs (the "pterodactyl"/"roc bird", "bulette", "rust monster", and the rest) - I'm pretty sure this guy actually had duck feet originally, but the feet broke off to pegs like in your picture. In fact, a bunch of those guys look so identical to the ones I grew up with, I almost wonder if maybe you'd somehow gotten the very same set I grew up with, which somehow made its way to your collection through the magic of three decades or more of garage sales, e-bay, and so on - with quite a story to tell if they could only speak!

  8. Lol, "Realistic Dinosaurs."

    1. The Chinese Communist Party says they are real dinosaurs. So, it must be true.

  9. Hello, I am looking for more information on the Owlbear. Like is that one yours? I want one. Or even a lot more pictures of it.




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