Sunday, August 9, 2015

Miscellaneous Painted Figures

Here are a bunch of miscellaneous painted figures.  Some are well known and some are unidentified. Most are borrowed from toy lines that are not really toy soldiers, but have some figures in the right scale. Several are nice and weird.  I will update this post from time to time if I find new odd stuff.

This guy is from a sports set.  He is a soccer goalie.  54mm.

This guy is probably part of a larger set. About 4 inches high.

From Gargoyles tv show.  50mm.

The Devil from Mexico.  About 4.5 inches.

From Bakugan Brawlers.  60mm.

Gargoyles PVC figures. 

I don't know anything about either of these guys. 

Disney PVCs and a one from Harry Potter. 



From the Kenner Small Soldier's line.  4 inch. 

Starlux wizard/druid. 


Horror Hearse Skeleton

Imaginex Griffin


  1. The bat guy in white underwear is from Kamen Rider Kuuga, a Japanese super hero show from 2000.
    The bluish ogre/troll with the hammer looks like he's from the Lord of the Ring line of playsets.

  2. That baby faced orange troll thing is insane! (He is in the same row as the snailiens figure) you know anything about him?

  3. The articulated Snakeman next to the Lord of the Ring troll is Snake from the Battle Beasts Minimates series.

    The little white winged dude with the golden weapon under the Disney characters is Silverbolt from the Transformers Beast Wars line.

  4. The purple and maroon guy with four arms (all the way to the right in the fifth pic down) is a Lunar-Tick from the Snailiens line.

  5. The purple, six-legged creature is Armagemon from Digimon. Known as Armageddemon in the dub.

  6. The leftmost guy in the Disnay figurines is actualy from a Fox animation called Anastacia

    1. Thanks, I figured he was Rasputin but did not know it was a Fox animation rather than Disney.

  7. The white winged creature under the Gargoyles characters is a baby vampire from Universal's Van Helsing movie.