Saturday, August 22, 2015

Miscellaneous Unpainted Figures

Here are a bunch of random unpainted (or just slightly painted) figures I like. Several of these figures were made to be something other than fantasy figures, but they still look enough like fantasy figures to work just fine. Some are from fantasy lines I don't know much about.  I'll provide what information I have in the picture captions, and update this post from time to time with new odd stuff.

The Black Demon King from Key to the Kingdom board game.  45mm.

Snakeman from Thailand.

From Caesar Minatures 1/72 fantasy line.  This figure comes in the Adventurers pack.  He is 54mm.

Mutant Dungeon Bastard from Man-e-toys and a weird samurai warrior that came with a set of figures copied from GI Joe 3.75 inch figures.

Klingon dog companion figure from Ertl's Stark Trek III action figure line. 


Scooby doo ghost, don't know anything about the rock guy. 

54mm plastic ghosts from a game.

Unknown rubber pegasus.  

These figures came in school supply packages from Houghton Mifflin.  Sometimes called "ready to read."

Unknown rubber barbarian.

Flat figures from Thailand. 

Yolanda Super Monstruos 4 inch cyclops and Atlantic cyclops from 1/72 Ulysses set.

Ideal 1966 Justice League Thunderbolt and Kaltor.



I don't know who made these.  They are hard resin. 

These are bootlegs of a Snow White set from Italy.  

Marx African weirdness.

Marx fairy and giant.

Plamer monsters cyclops and Gordo from the 1950s.

Ready to read dragon and two Russian made soviet era dragons.

Game pieces I believe.


  1. Nice finds! I could be wrong, but the resin female figures look like Phoenix Model's "Atlantis" range of figures - lots of sexy babes and barbarians. Phoenix also made some smaller wargame figures as well, all in lead. The resins are probably knock offs from the lead figures(?).

  2. The rock monster is merchandise from disney's hercules, as the rock titan from the movie. He is from a thing called Nestle magic and came in a little plastic ball coated with chocolate.

  3. I had that exact Samurai with the Battle Axe as a kid and have been looking for it since! he came from the dollar store in a baggie with other samurais and ninjas.

  4. do you (or anybody else) know what pack the yellow samurai came from?

    1. I have a packaged set somewhere, but have not been able to find it. I remember that it is a very cheap generic type of bagged set. I will post a picture if I ever find the set.

    2. I know what it's molded from at least: Lord Norinaga from TMNT III.

    3. I found the packaged set and it is pictured in my post titled Ninjas & Kung Fu part 1: Ninja, Ninja, Ninja!

  5. Great selection of minis. I love those Houghton Mifflin figures. I don't think I've ever seen them before.

  6. the Yolanda cyclope is recast of comansi series of monster set done in 3-4".i have the original 1986 set

  7. I don't know where it came from but the gray goblin figure is sculpted to look like and Orgg from Magic the gathering (

    The green 3 headed dragon man looks familiar. I think It was a monster in my pocket.

    hope this helps

  8. Great post, which I've just seen. i think the thunderbolt throwers and two headed creature above him - both above the group of naked ladies - are based on Ideals's original Justice League of America [JLA] Batman set from the 1966. They're called Thunderbolt and Kaltor. See here -