Saturday, April 9, 2016

No Name 50mm Orcs from Russia

This set of 4 orcs has just been released in Russia.  My sources assure me that like Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western, this company has no name.  The figures are 50mm and made from a decent quality soft plastic.  Not bad figures, but I wish they were a little bigger.  The guy with the quiver of arrows comes in an alternate version with a crossbow.  


  1. Hi i second what you said Shaun, I also brought a couple of these sets on ebay and as you say Nice looking figures but could have done with being just a few Millimetres taller, But overall Very Nice figures in Good poses. I Hope this Maker with no name brings out more Fantasy themed figures in the future.

  2. it's mmmm.... pirate bootleg figures ...yep, sorry my bad english... real figures - orks of "Zvezda" company - - - -

  3. The poses are direct extracted from Zsevdas!?-(I forgot how write it-sorry) Orcs sets poses .

  4. You will not find name of company, because it is pirate figures. It is mix of Zvezda minis with historical miniatures from EK Castings.
    Shields from this guys:

    They also have much more "conversions" like this :-)