Saturday, November 5, 2016


Dark Alliance has an extensive series of 1:72 scale plastic fantasy figures.  They have just released a new set of War Trolls that are about 54mm.  They are intended to be gigantic in 1:72 scale, but make fantastic orcs or ogres in regular toy soldier scale. There are 4 poses and they come 8 to a box.  Made in Ukraine.


  1. Wow these figures look Great and i will be getting some of these as soon as they are available in England, And the Good news is i heard about these figures a couple of months ago and there are plans for another 2 sets of these War Trolls and Hopefully a set or 2 of large Balrog Demon figures. That's what ive heard and lets hope it comes true.

  2. Many of the trolls are very armored as the last seen in battle of five armies in the Hobbit. Still great x orks.
    Thanks x sharing ,will be great to buy then soon.

  3. Pirated copies of a russian plastic troll ("Zvezda"), armor trolls - part of a set of foot and mounted knights ("Zvezda" too). Someone just glued together pieces and little piece "green stuff", and sold as their own. Thieves, what else to say.

    1. Both companies are ripping off the Peter Jackson Movies, and that is fine with me. I am just happy they are usable in the scale I collect.

  4. I'm happy too. I do not care about piracy as is true every body is coping LOTR or Hobbit film. So if that case ZVEZDA and many others are first pirates .Even Big scales PAPO,PLASTOY and others are making complete very alike extracted film charters with out paying license rights. So let be as far give children and adult new figures.
    But for us as collectors and having fun it is great to get these. I already bough few sets and very happy .In fact I can cut and glue and make more poses off.