Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BLUEBOX: Sparkle Dreamland Bucket

There is a new bucket of fantasy figure from Bluebox . . . finally. Sadly, its not the one we were waiting for.  Bluebox just dropped a girly bomb in my collection with the Sparkle Dreamland Bucket. This bucket has happy little fairies, unicorns that can be turned in to pegasus and a nice looking dragon.  The fairies are about 42mm, the unicorns range from 30 - 50mm, and the dragon is about 60mm. The set also comes with a castle face, an archway, a rainbow bridge and a slide.  

I can't believe that Bluebox thinks producing this bucket is a better move than producing the badass fantasy bucket they teased us with in 2015.  I'm not upset that they made a set for little girls, just disappointed they didn't produce the other set as well. Girls deserve toys they like just as much as little boys or even the overgrown boys reading this blog. Still, it gives me a glimmer of hope to see that Bluebox has not given up on the bucket of figures concept.  Maybe they will give us our bucket next.  


  1. Yeah I totally agree Shaun, Although this bucket is aimed more at girls, These are actually nice figures that could be useful to boys as well. The Dragon and Unicorn look very cool, But hopefully sometime in the not to distant future we might see that Knights vs Orcs set that I also were really looking forward to?

  2. Those clip-on wings will be useful, and they'll paint-up none-too-shabby!


  3. Call me a sissy, but those are actually pretty decent unicorns and could serve well as fantasy role-playing miniatures...

    The terrain pieces are cool as well.

  4. The set was shown at TOY FARE IN NYC in 2014 with others I saw and provide data to stads. ,I send pic to stads with the fantasy and piartes plus ship.
    It was part of the bucket sets they after the army firs set in 2013 .Pirates, Fantasy ,unicorn.
    Nice descent figures made to get in toy girls market.
    Not important to me because of thematic.

  5. I brought a tub of the BlueBox Pirates and Skeletons and they were made of soft and flexible plastic, What are these figures made of Shaun, They look like hard plastic? Just out of interest.
    Regards Darren

    1. I think these are made from a firmer plastic, although it might just be that the figures are thicker and therefore seem firmer.

  6. On Amazon this bucket is marketed as Sunny Days Sparkle etc. There are a couple of other Sunny Days buckets - one on camping and the other a horse farm, both with figures and interesting accessories. It does make you wonder how great their knights v. orcs bucket would be if they would release it. Are these buckets only sold through Amazon. Are they in any stores?

  7. On the plus side, those are the funkiest dragons I've ever seen. And it's kinda cool that you can make the horses into pegasodes. (pegasuses? pegasi?)

  8. “winged horses”

    Pegasus is a name.