Friday, February 24, 2017

Bootleg Arco/Fleetwood The Sword & The Sorcerer Two Headed Dragon Snake

I came across a new run of bootlegs of  the two headed dragon/snake thing from The Sword & The Sorcerer line.  One head is a dragon and one is a snake.  These are a little smaller than the originals, but match with some other vintage bootlegs I have. They come in bright shinny new colors but still have that oddball 80s look and feel about them.  They are about five inches tall.  No indication of a manufacturer on the figures or the packaging.  

All of the bootlegs I have found have a hollow center.  The original is solid.

Original on the right.

Same size as the much older bootlegs on the right.


  1. Wow! My brother had the original when we were kids! I forgot all about that thing.

  2. Could you possibly post up a link or do you have info where I could buy some? Super awesome you found even MORE KO's of this guy!

    1. I got them on ebay. Search for two headed dragon snake.