Tuesday, May 9, 2017


UPDATE 6/20/17:

I have been contacted by the Alliance.  Here is what they told me:

Hello, Shaun! 
Unfortunately, not a single set of «Mammoth Hunters» have left at the moment, the entire edition of 30 copies was purchased by Russian collectors. Also, all future editions of new sets of the «Альянс Свободных» («Alliance of Free») are reserved. But we are thinking about releasing a special export edition in English language, circulation 30 copies. The cost without shipping will be $150 per set. This plan will be realized if you can find at least 15 collectors from Europe who are interested in purchasing our sets. 
Each set will include: 
- 5 unpainted plastic figures 54 mm high. 
- artifact of the squad 
- battle sheet the squad
- chronicle of the squad 
- numbered certificate of authenticity 
- 5 game coins. 

Exactly the same proposal will receive American collectors who have recently contacted us. And if we manage to collect a total of 30 English-speaking collectors who want to buy our sets, we will produce an export version of sets by the « Альянс Свободных ». 

$150 per set is above my pay grade.  So, I don't plan to order any figures, but would love some pictures if anybody else does order some.

A few days ago I received an anonymous email inviting me to check out the Alliance of the Free, a group of four very talented Russian artists who seem to have a serious passion for 54mm wargaming and creating their own sets of figures.  I don't know for certain that the anonymous sender is formally connected with the Alliance, it could be anyone, but am hoping it is official and they are fine with me posting some of their pictures.  If not, I will take the pictures down upon their request.

They appear to have created several five figure sets very much like Tehnolog's Fantasy Battles, only with even better detail.  Some of their figures are flat out amazing.  Most of the sets are fantasy figures with at least one set of post apocalypse mutants.

However, they are not in it for profit and they don't have a store or a regular process for buying the figures.  I have not been able to learn much about their process because I would need to sign up for VK, a Russian social media network, in order to review all of the information on their site.  To sign up for VK you either have to have a facebook account or provide a mobile phone number.  I refuse to sign up for facebook, and I don't own a mobile phone.  So, no VK for me.  I have never regretted not owning a mobile phone, but that might change if I miss out on these figures because of it.  

As far as I can tell, they ask people to let them know what sets they are interested in buying and then they only produce the figures when they have enough people ready to buy.  The figures are probably fairly expensive if they are made in small batches, but I have no real idea because there is no information about pricing that I could access on their site.   Here are the most useful tidbits I could find on their site. The translation seems to be a work in progress:

"Alliance of Free" makes gambling soldiers sets a scale of 54 mm. (Grotesque) for themselves and for those who are interested. You will not find our kits on sale, but you always have the opportunity to buy them.

Dear members of the "Alliance of the Free", we draw your attention to the fact that our project is not commercial, and the basic idea is the creation and promotion of a hobby, collecting miniatures on a scale of 54 mm (grotesque)

All questions in terms of circulation, just AUTHOR master model! !!
Pre-order does not involve any money transfer !!! Any money, we do not collect!
We collect the number of people willing to get one or the other set. 
As soon as you have collected the required number of those wishing to set goes into circulation.
Even at this moment nothing to transfer, no one should be !!! 

I would like to see if I can get a large group of us Westerners together to make an order.  If a bunch of us express interest in the figures they may try to make it easier for us to buy.  I plan to buy one of everything in their catalog if I get the chance, but I doubt my order alone would be worth their time to make any special arrangements.   If you are interested in buying some Alliance of the Free figures let me know which ones and how many in the comments below or send me email at fantasytoysoldiers@gmail.com. 

I hope they will look at this post and respond to the comments. 

Here is the link I received:  Alliance of the Free


  1. Depending on the pricing, I would definitely be interested in several sets. Probably 1 each of picture 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13.

    I posted links to this blog entry on Stad's Stuff. Quite a few of the guys there are fantasy collectors. There are also several Russian collectors who may be able to provide more details. I hope more people will be interested!

  2. Yeah some really Nice figures here along the lines of Tehnolog as you say Shaun. I might be interested in a few sets if 1 the prices are not ridiculous and 2 they are not to hard to get hold of as the post suggests.
    Just a couple of suggestions if I may: I would love to see these guys or anyone make sets of Lizardmen & Goblins like in the Hobbit movie as these figures are virtually non exsistent in 54mm Scale.
    Lastly can the figures be as exciting poses as possible as im not keen on boring poses. As I say just my suggestions and I hope others agree with me, But these are really nice figures and I hope things take off for these guys and they will be a very welcome addition to the hobby.
    Regards from Darren

  3. Sorry as for these figures that I might be interested in its pictures 2,7,9,
    Regards Darren

  4. Hi!

    I've sent you an email earlier today.
    I would be interested in miniatures on pictures 5, 6 & 8 (one of each), although that depends on the price of each item.
    My primary interest is #5, and #8 is a bit questionable since I'm not so sure about the size of the miniature. I'm hoping that it's a bit bigger than 54mm since I'd like to use it as a giant for Warhammer/9th Age.

    1. I did a bit of research and #8 seems to be 80mm tall if anyone's interested.

    2. Thanks, so is the Chimera next to the tehnolog skeleton.

  5. They are very beautiful figures, but $150 PER SET not including shipping is wayyyy too much for me. I thought the Engineer Basevich and Pvblivs historical figures from Russia were expensive at about $50 per set, but $150 for 5 figures and some accessories is laughable, frankly, no matter how beautiful or rare the figures are. I think I will stick to my $2.69 + $5.00 shipping per set Tehnolog figures on eBay. Even if I were a millionaire, I doubt I would consider paying $150 for 5 plastic figures.

  6. Yeah I have to agree, They are very nice figures but there is no way that I can afford $150 for 5 figures no matter how nice they are, And even if I was quite rich I would have to think about this sort of money, So that's me out of it im afraid. Russia and other Eastern bloke countrys are a hotbed for Toy Soldiers and Fantasy figures at this time, But alot of them are expensive and if they are not careful they will push a lot of potential buyers like myself away.

  7. So much beautiful sculpting coming out of Russia, but the prices quoted are just absurd. When are some of these guys going to create a really great Kickstarter, get prices down while creating quality molds for larger production runs? It seems a no-brainer.

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