Monday, March 13, 2017

WARHANSA: Fantasy Series

Warhansa is a small company that makes truly outstanding figures. They recently made their first 1/32 scale fantasy figures, and I hope they make more.  These guys are a barbarian warrior and some kind of non-human assassin.  The detail is excellent. The smaller blue guy is called the Night King and is intended as a very large figure in 28mm scale.  The figures are made in small batches, so they are kind of expensive, but the quality makes them worth the price.

I asked them to describe their company and this is what they wrote back:  

We are an international team united by passion to toy soldiers. We have been dreaming of making our own minis since childhood. We started our project 3 years ago. Production is based in Russia. We make miniatures according to our taste in relatively small quantities and gladly share them with fellow hobbyists.  

You can check them out here Warhansa.


  1. Very Nice and Cool figures. Russia seems to be a hotbed of all sorts of figures over the last few years and I Hope it continues. Yeah I also Hope this company has more exciting Fantasy figures up its sleeve. I will definately be buying these soon.

    1. I agree about Russia. Lots of outstanding new figures being made there. I think toy soldier scale is still very popular there while 28mm scale wargaming has taken over in the West.

  2. Yes very sharp detail, really enjoy the blue figure (exceptional detail) with the articulated shoulders and hands look ready to hold weapons from the bits box.