Sunday, June 9, 2019

New Russian Made Orcs and Ogres

Here are some more Russian made orcs and ogres.  I don't have any information about who made them.  They seem to be hand crafted in very small runs.  Includes three female orcs.

Scale Shots


  1. I love them! I note, though that the females, especially the slim, relatively pretty one, look more human than the males. How can I get some?

  2. "kotofeykotovich" on Ebay has the female orc on the left. He says:

    Sachet set. Old school:) Model for casting is hand made.

    Limited edition.

    The high of the figure is 52 mm (2 inch) (from the ground to the eyes)

    Made of two-component injection plastic.

    The plastic is hard, suitable for painting.

    The figure is a bit fragile. Please do not drop it and do not play too violently :)

    Made in Russia.

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