Sunday, October 22, 2017

NINGBO/WALGREENS: Looking Spooky Skeleton Toy Figures

This set of 4 reworked versions of the AMSCAN skeletons is available at Walgreens for $1.99 per bag of 16.  They are not quite as nice as AMSCAN's poses, but new poses are very welcome.  They are maked "Walgreens" and "Ningbo" on the bottom, but it is very hard to see because of the color.

Side by side with AMSCAN:


  1. I just picked up a set of these on Friday from my Walgreens, too! The detail is really soft but it's tough to pass up a bag of 16 plastic skeletons for $2 dollars.

  2. Its always nice to see New skeletons figures that I can add to my skeletal army, And these will go very nicely as long as I can get them here in England. My only complaint about the Amscan skeletons was that they were difficult to convert because of the plastic material that they were made of which is something I like to do. Are these skeletons made of the same plastic Shaun or another plastic?
    Regards Darren

    1. It looks and feels like they are made of the same material as the AMSCAN versions. Probably made in the same factory as well.