Saturday, October 7, 2017


This set of 14 54mm 1/32 scale zombies just hit Dollar Tree stores for $1.00 per bag.  Might be a seasonal item for Halloween or they might be around for a while.  Some of the figures are a bit cartoonish, but a few would fit in with more realistic sets.  They seem to come in dark gray and a lighter gray.  I usually don't like the cartoonish figures so much, but the running guy in this set is terrific. 


  1. These are great! You can never have too many zombies minifigures. I went and picked some up at Dollar Tree. :)

  2. I bought five bags of these today at Dollar Tree. These are much better than the SCS Zombie Tube figures because they are less cartoonish. Other than the running figure, they will work quite well with realistic soldiers and other figures. Strangely, while 4 of my bags were soft rubber plastic with many figures severely bent and with lots of flash on the mold lines, one bag was made out of stiffer harder plastic with no flashing and all figures able to stand.

    I also went to Walgreen's tonight and found net bags of skeletons similar to the AMSCAN skeletons you reviewed last year, but with four different poses. These were $1.99 for a net bag of 16 skeletons and are called :Looking Spooky Skeleton Figures" by Ningbo China. One warning: They smell really bad! Like the Skybound Walking Dead figures, they have a really bad chemical odor. They don't look as proportioned as the AMSCAN skeletons and the poses are mostly based on AMSCAN with little differences. The two standing skeletons also seem a bit too tall, but they can serve to "flesh out" your skeletal legions at a good price.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the skeletons. I picked a few bags this morning. The ones I bought do not stink much. I like a couple the reworked poses, but I think the originals from AMSCAN are better.