Saturday, May 12, 2018

PUBLIUS: Dwarf Warrior & Dwarf Thief

Publius is a Russian company that makes very high quality, and costly, figures on par with anything else available.  These two dwarves are the first fantasy figures from this company (at least that I know of).  They were released with a set of vikings.  The warrior is standing on some rocks which make him 58mm.  That is kind of tall for a dwarf.  

The other guy looks like a thief to me, or am I just profiling? Who else walks around with a lantern and a hand axe?   I'm not saying that all dwarfs are criminals.  I'm not saying that I would pick up either one of these guys hitchhiking at night either.  Some of those Lord of the Rings guys were cool.  These suckers on the other hand are the old school Norse legends kind of dwarves .  .  .  violent, devious bastards. 


  1. Too big for dwarfs - would use 'em for regular blokes - Vikings etc.

  2. Funny you post this - I have the chap on the left on order as we speak. Love the quality of the sculpts, but they do come with a price tag...

    How is the plastic?