Monday, January 29, 2018

SCS DIRECT: Humans v. Aliens

Yet another new set from SCS Direct: Humans v. Aliens.  There are 8 figures each of aliens and human civilians.  All but one of the aliens can be used as fantasy monsters.  The humans are just the type of civilians I have been searching for to use in zombie set ups.  The housefrau ready to do battle with her rolling pin is outstanding.


Love this figure!


  1. Very cool. I like the Lovecraftean look of the aliens. And the "Rosie the riveter" civilian.

  2. I love the lady with the rolling pin. You can just imagine her setting about some Lovecraftian horror with her skillet shouting "Get your dirty tentacles outta my kitchen!"

    1. Totally agree. That is one of my all time favorite civilian figures.