Saturday, October 11, 2014

ARCO: The Other World

Arco put out a line of 4-5 inch rubber figures and accessories in 1982 called The Other World.  The figures don't work with toy soldiers, but their are a couple of mini figures called mogs and jips that are toy soldier scale.  They also had a cool playset called Castle Zendo that works with any just about any scale figures.

Update 9/9/2018:  I recently found a couple of mogs in blue with green eyes.  I don't know what figure or set they came in but they must be fairly rare.

The orange guy is a good jip and the purple guy is an evil mog.



I took this picture from an ebay auction.


  1. Memories indeed...I remember having on of the little orange jips as a kid. Never had a mog though, they look like turnip people lol.

  2. Hi, I collect Mog figures. Do you have any blue Mogs for sale.
    Thanks - Rich



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