Wednesday, September 10, 2014

C.H. Muscle Warriors Pencil Toppers

The back of these figures is marked "C.H. Hong Kong." I know they were made in the early 1980s, but I'm not sure about a specific year.  They were made in plastic and rubber.  I remember seeing the plastic versions in vending machines.  

I found a box of the rubber versions called Muscle Warriors.  Each guy has a character name.  The minotaur is called MinoTaur, the snakeguy is GreenFang, the catman is TigoRex and last guy is RedDevil.   

Some of the plastic versions came with a weird purple wispy thing round the neck.  I had one of those a long time ago and removed the purple thing because it looks crappy.  

Photo from an ebay auction.

Photo from an ebay auction.

These rubber versions are harder to find than the plastic versions.


  1. These are awesome. I have seen a few pop up recently on ebay but I have no price comparison for them to judge if the deals are fair or not...would you consider these rare? Could you put an average price on them? Any info towards this would be great...thank you!

  2. These are fairly rare, and very rare to find complete with the purple tassel thing around their neck. I consider $5 each a fair price.

  3. Over the last 3 years I have found to hard plastic one . First a light purplish green fang a then a blue Minotaur . Thanks to your site now I’m on hunt for the other two




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