Saturday, October 18, 2014

H.G. TOYS: Sword & Sorcery Playsets

In 1982, H.G. Toys released a playset called Sword & Sorcery in three sizes, small medium and large.  The large playset has a unique cardboard  mountain piece. The three headed dragon is the same as the Tricephalon from H.G.'s Godzilla playset. I call the wizard in this set the "Snake Wizard."  The figures are 45mm.

This photo is from the collection of Joesph W. Svec III, the author of  "Toy Castles and Knights: A Guide to Toy Castles & Knights from all Around the World."  Joseph's book is hands down the finest resource for toy knights and castle playsets I have ever seen, and includes a chapter on Swords & Sorcery playsets.   It has been my pleasure to correspond with Joseph about fantasy toys over the last couple of years.  I highly recommend his book to anyone interested in fantasy figures or toy knights.  You can buy a copy at his site 

The box for the smallest playset does not show a dragon, but there was a dragon in both of mine.

This photo is from an ebay auction.



  2. may be a little something for you!

  3. These silver knights were some of my favorites of the 1980s. Very well crafted, and I loved the wizard. I had that Godzilla playset when I was young. For many years, the "people" figures from that set were the only civilians I had to use with my 1/72 armies!

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