Wednesday, September 10, 2014

JA RU: Hercules Hero of Strength

From Ja Ru in 1996.  The card says "Three Styles," but this is the only figure I have seen.  The three styles must refer only to the monster.  

This barbarian is the only figure I know of from this line, but it is possible that others exist.

Photo from an ebay auction.


  1. I have that dragon and had been wondering where it came from. Thanks for this.

  2. I've seen pics of 2 other sets online. The "Dragon Snake" is like a cheap hinged carny snake but with 2 heads and glows in the dark, and the "Mighty Warrior" is a repackage of the Chap Mei guy with 3 snake heads from the "Wizard's Magic" line, with 2 silver weapons.

  3. I have seen those as well. Disappointing that only this one has a true fantasy toy soldier.

  4. bizarre that it has a ARCO/Fleetwood swords and sorcerers two headed snake dragon knockoff, an imperial dragon horse knock off in the same set. Man those knock off molds really get around. I bought a party pack of two headed snake dragons in several colors from a party store to match my original of course. Thanks for the tip on those knock offs btw.



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