Monday, April 13, 2015

MEXICO: Thundercats & Heman bootlegs

Not sure when these were made, but they are Mexican bootlegs, plus a few other odds and ends.


  1. Hey brother, just decided to scroll through your collection again tonight and I made a discovery in this group; the red base you have pictured with the green arco lizard man is a stingers and wasps accessory! I'm not sure if you still have it, or have already realized it, but sweet bonus to your already growing collection of them. I also recently learned that the manufacturer was supposedly Lanard. I'm in the process of trying to negotiate at trade/buy of a set right now, which includes the base you have here.

    1. Wow! I had no ideal what that piece was. I got it in a lot from mexico. When you say "stingers and wasps" are you referring to what I call "Arco Bugmen?" I was once told that that line was originally called "stingers & wings," but I have still never actually seen any in package to confirm the name. If your trade happens, send me some pictures please.

  2. Whoops, your right. I have a bad habit of calling them stingers & wasps instead of stingers and wings. It is indeed for the Arco Bugmen. The guy I am trying to work a deal out with says they were made by Lanard, though I'm not sure where his info is from on that. I will look into it for sure. He is like you, and prefers trade to cash, which is why I don't have the set yet...still working on getting stuff he wants! I'm about half way there...he values the set at 150, fyi. I will keep you posted!

  3. awesome collection man. i was wondering if you would consider selling some of the mexican thundercats bootleg pieces?




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