Monday, April 13, 2015

MPC/MINER: Mysterious Castle & Dragon Crest Playsets

MPC, which was a subsidiary of Miner, repackaged their old knight and glow in the dark monster figures into loosely fantasy themed playsets in the early 1980s.  MPC released the Mysterious Castle playset which was only available through the Sears catalog.  Miner released a playset called Dragon Crest which was mostly the same.


  1. Those MPC kits are interesting--"toy soldier" versions of the old 1980s Grenadier AD&D minis. I picked up "Dungeon Invaders" on ebay a while's got the dragon, shrieker, gargoyle, orcs, skeletons, and lots of PC figs (dwarves, magic users, etc.). The highlight is the one original figure, a carrion crawler. Still looking for Orc War though.

  2. Orc War currently available on Ebay

  3. Well no wonder DFC got sued if TSR had licensed D&D playsets by MPC

  4. I have a set of figurines that came out of cereal boxes when I was in grade school, I'm 61 years old. They were black purple and orange. Warewolf, witch with bat on shoulder, Dracula, grim reaper, hooded guy with knife and skull ect.
    I see you make copies of these $44.99 sold out.
    What is my original set worth that came one at a time in cereal boxes?



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