Monday, April 13, 2015

TSR/LJN: Dungeons & Dragons Character Figures

TSR put these out in 1983 with LJN (Matchbox in England).  The Mercion figure is very rare.  The orcs are goblins from their 4 inch line of D&D figures.

This is a picture of a and unpainted prototype figure I copied off the net years ago.


  1. Nice collection, and yes, Mercion is very rare (I'm still looking for her). I have all of them except her, they're great little figures.

  2. Same with me. Full set except for Mercion. Practically impossible to get one. Searched for years and have yet to find one. Finding Bigfoot would be easier.

  3. Alas, I too am only missing the Mercion mini from the entire LJN/TSR Dungeons & Dragons toy line. I have everything else from the action figures, monsters, Fortress of Fangs playset, bendys, Fantasy Forest board game, D&D cartoon figures including the Portugal and Spain versions, wind-ups, and all of the LJN D&D mini figures except that one. Seems as it didn't come in the boxed set with the other figures, only carded individually, everyone is missing that one. I suspect that largely boys were the owners of D&D toys back then and girl figures were peg warmers much like Princess Leia Star Wars Kenner figures are harder to come by on the second hand toy market and thus more "rare" (these days, common as dirt then) simply because less people bought one for their sons to play with with so many dudes, monsters and aliens to choose from. I have been collecting D&D for 30 years and never seen a Mercion mini except in photos on the internet. Mercion has an action figure as well as a mini, has her stats and concept art in a Dungeon & Dragons accessory, is in a few coloring books and a few story/record books as well.

  4. Oh yeah I forgot, some of these minis have turned up as pencil sharpeners as well such as Warduke and Strongheart, including a Tiamat Dragon prototype that was not produced for the LJN/TSR mini line.

  5. Hello, you said that you´ve got the wind-ups. Do you mean all three? I only ask as this seems to be impossible. I own a loose Cave-Fisher myself, from the Pernicon are only two carded and a test-shot known, a Tarrasque was never seen ( only on pictures). Would be cool to see a picture...




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