Tuesday, November 4, 2014

UNKNOWN: Skeleton Soldiers & Skull Knights

This set of 8 50mm Skeleton Soldiers is around fifteen to twenty years old. The guy I got them from found them in Japan.  They were made in China and are a very soft rubber.  They come in black and black with silver highlights.  Originally packaged in plastic bags of 8 figures.  I recently found a bunch of vintage figures in a dark green that I had never seen before.

They have recently been re-released in a slightly firmer cream colored rubber under the name Skull Knights. The only company logo on the package is a cryptic "PMS." You can find them from UK sellers on ebay.  Some of the ones I received were a little smashed out of shape and did not stand well.  I dipped them in boiling water for 15 seconds then cold water and they straightened out nicely.

Vintage figures in silver.  Came with the dark green ones.  Photo from an ebay listing.

A molding defect makes this guy look like a different pose.  

Photo from an ebay listing.

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