Monday, April 13, 2015

Galaxy Warriors 3.5 Inch figures

These are from the early to mid 1980s.  They came on blister cards called Galaxy Warriors (not related to the Marty Toy line).  They are about 3.5 inches and are just a shade tall for most toy soldiers, but work with larger figures.  The unpainted versions are very soft rubber like erasers.  The painted versions are hard rubber.  They all have space in their hands for weapons. The last two are not from the same line but are about the same size.

Diener Maybe?

Photo from an ebay auction.


  1. Wow, these are great. I have never seen them before.

  2. Been trying to find a pic I can link back to you but the painted versions of these guys have also been found under the same Power Queen branding as the little figurine version of the Warrior Scented Erasers.



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