Monday, April 13, 2015

CHAP MEI: Wizard's Magic

Chap Mei put out three solid cast fantasy figures in the 1990s in various sets, starting with Wizard's Magic.  They came with larger action figures like wizards and knights that are not pictured.  These are a little smaller than most chap mei action figures and have only one point of articulation. They are still a little large to match just right with most fantasy toy soldiers but large monsters work for me. Their names are Gallopogus (demon centaur), Nocturna (batwings) and Tri-Tremis (cobraman). They have no back story or cartoon tie in.  Chap mei waits for the big toy companies and Hollywood to make a particular genera (fantasy, sci fi, military, dinosaurs, pirates, etc.) popular and then jumps in with outstanding cheap creative toy lines.  Chap mei rocks.

I recently came across this knockoff version of the demon centaur.  Not sure who made these. They are about the same size, but made of a soft rubber material.

Photo from ebay auction.


  1. I love these figures, have you seen the Thor Thunder figure from this line?

    1. Nope, that is new one on me. I have seen some Chap Mei Viking figures, but nothing called "Thor Thunder." Do you have a picture?



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