Monday, April 13, 2015


Safari has been putting out tubes of figures going back to at least 2006.  Most of the figures are too small, but a few work nicely with toy soldiers.  They range from around 35mm to 54mm.

Mythical Realms Tube.
Mythical Realms Tube.
Knights & Dragons Tube.
Lair of the Dragon Tube I.
Lair of the Dragon Tube II.
Glow in the dark Dragons Tube.
Days of Old Tube.  The wizard has Merlin's skull cap from Excalibur.  54mm.
Halloween Tube.


  1. SAFARI had release a series of ancient/CLASSIC Greek Mythology in big scale(2.5-4") ,however because most are creatures they match perfect with 50-60 mm human soldiers/figures. The detail is impressive, price better than PLASTOY and PAPO.
    Some craft/HOBBY stores are actually selling then with 50% off as off now. I had bough several and if like can pass some pictures with compere.

    1. Thanks Erwin. I chose not to collect any of the high end 4 inch figures because of cost and lack of space to store them. There are some very impressive figures in that scale. I'd be pleased to post any pictures you care to send.

  2. I do agree in your choice of scale.
    But because creatures in mythology are often bigger than human these are only reason I buy and collect then. I do not collect 3.5-4 " high HUMAN figures from PAPO,PLASTY,SAFARI,BBI,,BB,TM or others, not my like as well.
    Will provide pictures later and you may post as you wish and like.
    Best regards. Erwin Sell



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